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Like other sports journalism news sources such as ESPN or Marca AS is a well known newspaper that has been offering truthful objective and quality information to its readers for several decades.
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Any fan of a sport such as football, basketball or tennis likes to be informed through quality news such as those offered by AS Diario Online Deportivo. Like other sports journalism news sources such as ESPN or Marca, AS is a well-known newspaper that has been offering truthful, objective and quality information to its readers for several decades. If you want to know everything that AS Diario Online Deportivo offers you, we invite you to continue reading this article that will help you assess whether or not you should download and install its APK on your mobile device to enjoy the latest news related to the world of sports .

What is AS Diario online deportivo APK?

AS Diario online deportivo APK is a mobile app that will allow you to receive up-to-the-minute news, as well as articles from sports journalism and the results of the latest football, basketball and other relevant sports at a national and international level.

AS Free online sports newspaper

Online sports newspaper. Fútbol, motor and more, is part of the main sports newspapers in Spain, which guarantees that you will be receiving information written by professionals and contrasted. This newspaper is made for all types of public regardless of the type of sport they like, you can even find an eSports section for people who like video game competitions. One of the strengths of AS Diario online sports is that, as we indicated, they are a good source to read the results of the last matches of your favorite sport. If, for example, you like football, but you haven't had time to watch the games in the last week, you can use this newspaper to keep up to date with the results.

Is AS Diario online deportivo a Free APK?

Yes, AS Diario online deportivo is a totally free App so you can access all the information that we have mentioned just by downloading and installing the APK on your mobile device. Just like in a physical newspaper, you can expect to find advertising while browsing its mobile application.

How to use AS Diario online sports?

Learning to use AS Diario online deportivo is not complicated at all, especially if you already have experience with other digital newspapers. After opening the app for the first time you will have two main options; the Front Page and the Results.

On the cover you will see three different types of information:

AS Stories: If you want to see short videos of breaking news such as transfers, matches or sports news at the beginning of the cover you will have different stories.
Videos of the Best Plays: If you missed the last important national or international game last night, surely on the cover you will be able to see the best plays.
Articles of all kinds of Sports: Finally, you will have independent articles related to sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Cycling and other relevant ones.

Sports Results  AS Diario online deportivo has a great strong point and that is that its App is optimized to show you all the past results of mainly Football and Basketball matches. You will only have to indicate the day where the game was played in the Calendar and the type of Competition it was if, for example, you want to know the results of the Champions League, La Liga or the Euro Basketball League.

ASOnline sports diary for Android

After filling in these parameters, it will show you all the results of the matches that have been played that day so that you can be informed of how your team or the international competition that you are following is doing.

Features of AS Online Sports Diary in 2023

If you still have doubts about whether to start using this sports newspaper as your main source of information, then we leave you at the end what are the main features and strengths of this App that will help you decide if you want to download and install it to have it on your mobile.

News of all Sports  AS Diario online deportivo offers a complete catalog of all the sports that are popular in Spain and also other international ones. Among the main sports news that we can find the main and most important are:

  • Soccer: Soccer news in Spain and in the world, as well as news from the women's category or events such as the Copa de América, the World Cup or La Liga.
  • Basketball: News of basketball athletes and relevant competitions worldwide such as the NBA, Eurocup or the Endesa League.
  • Motor: In this section we can see many motor competitions from Formula 1 to MotoGP, Dakar and Rallys among others less known.
  • Tennis: A section made for people who want to see news about their favorite tennis players, updated rankings, results and news from competitions like Wimbledon.
  • Cycling: If you missed the cycling tour or the mundial Here you can be informed of everything related to the world of cycling such as the Tour de France.
  • Even so, you will also have access to quality information on other less relevant sports in Spain, but equally interesting, such as Boxing, MMA, Handball or Golf.

Smooth Navigation  Thanks to a simple interface and an application optimized for mobile devices, the browsing experience is very fluid and satisfying, so you can read articles or sports videos in this app while you rest or travel.

Download ASDiario online sports

Daily update  Something that every digital newspaper or not needs is that it have breaking news every day and AS meets these expectations. Therefore, you can expect that every morning when you go to open the app for the first time you can discover new and relevant current news of your favorite sport that you should know.

Download AS Online Sports Diary APK

As you can see, it is a digital newspaper specialized in sports and taking into account that it is a free app, there are many reasons why a sports lover would be interested in having this mobile application on their phone. If you are one of them, we recommend you download the APK of AS Diario online deportivo and install it on your Android device.