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Pixwox is a tool where you can share your stories,  picturesand  file and other events. In it you can download your favorite videos and pictures you want to keep in your mobile or devoice. Pixwox also called an online editor in which You can edit your photos and videos in and share them with your friends.
It is a fantastic tool that allows users to download postings quickly, In Pixwox you can organize your photos and videos into albumsand. pixwox allow you to share your events online like life, happiness, love, advertisement, food, travel, and other event that you you want share with yous followes or online friends. You can also download photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that shared by others users and your friends. You can re-upload the downloaded photos in your mobile gallery to Instagram.
 It can download many pictures and videos at once and save you time wasted while downloading which saves you a lot of valuable time. This is also one of the most interesting features of Pixwox. Without ask login in pixwox by using your instagram, you can access other users' photos, videos and stories..

* How can you use Pixwox?

This app (Pixwox) is very simple to use, it has a user friendly interface. For download go to the google playstore find the pixwox app and download it, then follow the given instruction on screen install it and use it by login to your account.

1. Photos

In this section, you'll see how to pick photos
 from file manager, how to edit  them and uploading them to Instagram with story and captions.
 In this app (pixwox) you can reduce or enlarge the size of your image for example you can change the width or height of your image in case we can get 500% of the width area for example if you are sure  How wide your image should be The height will be automatically selected to prevent image distortion.

2. Albums

In this section you will be learn how you can change your own image or you can take your images from file manager and structure them and save them back into your file manager or how you can upload them on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. 

3. Textures & Frames

In this section, you will see how you can write the caption in your photos or how you can change the frame inside your photos and you can also change the background of picture or the given background color in picture.

4. Filters & Effects

In this section you will see how you can make your photos more beautiful by using ColorBright and applying filters and many other changes in your images. And you can save these changedor edited images as your profile picture and projector picture.

5. Sharing

In this section, you can share the downloaded stores, pictures and videos with your friends or other users.

What are the Benefits of using Pixwox?

1-Without logging in or registering to your account, you are allowed to download restricted content from the Internet.
2-Pixwox doesn’t reveal your identity to others.
3-If you want to view your partner’s activity history, you can view it through this app.
4-Pixwox is safe and secure; it doesn’t leak your personal information.
5-It provides you Interactive and user-friendly interface.
6-Pixwox delivers a secure place for viewing information that may be downloaded.
7-When you browse any one profile with Pixwox, no one knows that you see its profile post, stories, or reels.
8-Pixwox is free; you do not have to pay any price.

How can you View or Download the Instagram stories with the Pixwox website?

To view or download the Instagram stories with the help of Pixwox, you have to take some steps.
1-First of all you need to copy the name of user from which account you want to download pictures,stories and videos.
2-Now you go to the official website of pixwox. The top browsers are opra, google chrome, safari and Edge etc.
3-Now you will be shown the search button bellow on screen in which you have to paste the copied name of users whose stories,images and videos you want to download.
4- Then you will be shown the users pictures, stories and videos which you cannot see only but also download them.
Alternatives to Pixwox

1. Insta Stories

This is a fantastic instagram storis viewers tool. This is a free tool and its best feature is that you can view stories that are older than 24 hours and disappear from Instagram.  you can also download those stories, videos and pictures in your file manager.
 This tool also gives you a variety of sticker and story editor functions that you can use to edit your stories.

2. Dumpor

It is one of the best istagram stories, pictures and videos viewer and downloder tool. This tool is used to view instagram stories pictures and historical places. Instagram photo downloading,Download videos from Instagram, Instagram downloader in several languages                             

3. Instalker

The instalker app is a free and easy to use where you can see your partner’s Instagram profile, posts, etc watch picture stories and videos shared by other users. The instalke is a user friendly app whose main purpose is to see who visits your account or views stories, who is stalking you and who is following your account.

4. 4K Stogram

It is user friendly app in that if you are downloading a user's story video or photo, it won't ask you to sign in when you using  your Instagram account. Its one of the main feature is that no one knows when you are downloading a videos, images and  stories and also  no one can see your downloaded image video story. Instagram fans should consider 4K Stogram as it gives users access to thousands of Instagram photos and videos even offline.On the 4K Get page, you may download it without charge for PC, Mac, or Linux.

 5. Zoom You

it is a profile downloader.This is a completely free tool that new users can easily use it in which you can search, view and download Instagram user profile photos, videos and stories without following them. Unfortunately, you can't find, view or download stories, videos and pictures  uploaded 24 hours ago on instagram.

 6. Instasave

Instasaved is one of the best Instagram tools, its one of the main feature is that no one knows when you are downloading a videos, images and  stories and also no one can see your downloaded image video story. It is a fantastic website for Instagram users, users should consider Instasaved as it gives users access to thousands of Instagram photos and videos even offline. You can visit the website and downloading your favorit content from your selected Instagram account.

What sites are like Pixwox?

These are the top 10 “” competitors.

Is Pixwox a secure app?

Pixwox provides a safe environment and you can use it as it has no side effects means you don't have any potential harm  to use it and you can use it with Chargless apps as well.

Does Pixwox reveal your information?

It does not reveal any of your information and they do not even save your data in their database.

Is there an app that allows you to see Instagram photos?

By using pixmax you view pictures, videos and stories of users and even download pictures, stories and videos.

Can I download videos from Instagram?

Yes you can download instagram videos by using instasave.
1-Find the Instagram video you want to download.
2-Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the post and select “Copy Link”.
3-Go to the “SaveInsta” website (or any other video downloader website of your choice).
4-Paste the copied URL into the downloader’s search bar.
5-Click on the “Download” button next to the video quality you prefer.

How to download Instagram photos?

You must open the profile and input the desired username of the account into the search field in order to save images from Instagram. You may now upload photos and download your profile image. To achieve this, open the relevant image by clicking on it, then download it with a right-click. The download button in the Pixwox app is how it functions.

How do you save other people’s Instagram stories?

By using this app  (pixwox) you can download other people's stories and pictures that you want download. For download story, once you’re viewing the story, click the three dots in the bottom right corner and save select Story to save in your mobiles gallery.


Pixwox is a best app where you can see anybodys stories,  pictures, videos and other events. In it you can download your favorite videos and pictures you want to keep in your mobile or devoice. Hopefully, the given information about PIXWOX will be benificial for you.
Note: In case of any question about PIXWOX feel free to contact us.

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