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Thanks to all this the popularity of the game has increased dramatically in recent months and after its free foray into the Google Play and App Store mobile stores Bloody Bastards and SpiderMan Ultimate Power has become one of the favorite alternatives for all fans of the genre.
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Medieval battles full of difficulty and realistic physics with Bloody Bastards

Bloody Bastards APK game perfectly mixes the intensity of PvP fights and the complexity of ragdoll physics, bringing a fun and chaotic experience that can be enjoyed without the need for a stable internet connection or a state-of-the-art cell phone. generation.

Bloody Bastards Unlimited Money

Thanks to all this, the popularity of the game has increased dramatically in recent months, and after its free foray into the Google Play and App Store mobile stores, Bloody Bastards and SpiderMan Ultimate Power has become one of the favorite alternatives for all fans of the genre.

What is Bloody Bastards?

Bloody Bastards for Android is a medieval PvP fighting mobile game that bases its gameplay on realistic physics, forcing the player to independently control each of their character's arms, all of this to generate forceful attacks on the enemy and win the game .

Additionally, this title also handles a rather peculiar setting, where in addition to competing against kings from different regions that will increase in difficulty according to the level, the progressive conquest of a fictional medieval world will also be generated.

What is the goal in Bloody Bastards?

The fights in Bloody Bastards APK are very similar to those in the classic Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter games, where two users fight and launch attacks constantly to finally reduce the enemy's life bar to 0. However, in this title, players will need to master some additional mechanics, such as the controls, physics, weapons, and energy of their character.

Bloody Bastards for android

As different enemies are overcome, the objective of Bloody Bastards APK will focus on dominating as many regions as possible, defeating each of their warriors and collecting weapons, experience and equipment.


What characteristics does Bloody Bastards have?

Complex combat mechanics

As just described, in the game it will not only be enough to memorize combinations of attacks or block a blow at the right moment, since here the player must always be controlling the steps, the inclination and the two arms of his character.

Furthermore, thanks to the more than 100 weapons found within the latest version of Bloody Bastards, the battle styles and equipment of each character should also be a factor to take into account.

simple controls  Despite the complex movements shown in Bloody Bastards for Android, the game only has two main touch joysticks, each representing the left and right arms with which you must attack, defend and even deflect attacks quickly.

It is worth including that, by touching the touch screen, the character will be able to step forward or backward, a perfect movement to evade projectiles or recover energy.

unique customization  In addition to weapons, the latest version of Bloody Bastards APK has multiple equipment options for legs, shields, body and head, as well as an endless catalog of medieval characters, allowing the player to create thousands of deadly combinations and have a unique style in each of his battles.

Attractive and nostalgic visual style

Unlike its competition, Bloody Bastards does not have high-quality three-dimensional graphics, on the contrary, it maintains a visual style based on 16-bit pixels similar to that of the old consoles.

Bloody Bastards apk download free

Fortunately, this should not be considered a negative aspect, since since its launch, Bloody Bastards has always been quite detailed and polished in each of its settings, weapons, characters, maps and animations, offering immersive battles with a very fun arcade touch. .

Global Competitive Tables

As if that were not enough, Bloody Bastards APK has a competitive table that highlights the players with the most money, the highest level and the best ability during the month. This classification is always carried out globally by the official Google Play store, so the fight to reach and maintain the top positions is very close.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Bloody Bastards?

In the latest version of Bloody Bastards APK, the multiplayer mode can be entered from the initial screen of the game, where the player must choose the server that best suits their region and a public nickname that will appear above their character. It's critical to understand that this feature is still in an early stage of development, so the game will most likely be pairing two players with vastly different levels and abilities.

Is it possible to play Bloody Bastards for free?

Bloody Bastards APK is available for free download from e the Google Play stores, the App Store and some alternative online platforms that, in addition to offering the game in an APK format, will also give versions with unlimited money and some additional benefits.

Does Bloody Bastards have special events?

Although at the moment the game does not generate tournaments or special events during the festive times of the year, its updates always arrive loaded with new weapons, characters and levels, allowing the title to stay relevant and keep the attention of the players for many years to come.

Download Bloody Bastards APK for Android

Keeping in mind what was explained above, here users who want to purchase the alternative version of Bloody Bastards APK will be told how to download and install it on an Android terminal safely and quickly.

Bloody Bastards APK

The first thing to do is use a web search engine like Google or Bing and enter the name of Bloody Bastards APK in the main bar. Afterwards, it will only be necessary to find the option that highlights the game with unlimited money, without ads and with a translation into Spanish.

Finally, once you have the desired installation file in the Android terminal, you will have to activate the "unknown sources" option in the settings section and run Bloody Bastards APK.