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Its secret was to offer the best quality content after being refined by the applications algorithms to give you the best musical selection according to what you like in addition to the playlists that Deezer apk
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Deezer Premium, your next music player

The origin of Deezer Premium dates back to the past decade in Paris. His proposal was to offer instant music, easy to access, and without the need to use any other storage device other than your computer or mobile.

Its secret was to offer the best quality content after being refined by the application's algorithms, to give you the best musical selection according to what you like, in addition to the playlists that Deezer apk offers from different musical genres and podcasts; created by the same platform. This form of customization is what catapulted Deezer Premium as one of the best music apks. The Deezer page offers different plans that seek to adapt to each client, only the free version of its page has ads. Plans that Deezer offers you

download deezer premium

Free Deezer account  This plan offers free music and more audio content available at any time while connected.

Premium account included in our download

In this plan you will find all the features enabled by Deezer, you will have access to all its content. You can apply for a discount in any of the following modalities.
Annual plan with -25%.- If you want to pay the whole year in advance, you will only be charged for 9 months instead of 12 months of the year. Plan for students with -50%.- This offer is available for students between 18 and 25 years old. The first 3 months will be free. After that it will cost half price for up to 12 months. Remember that this plan must be renewed at its term.

Premium accounts for the whole family

You'll get up to 6 individual Premium accounts with all its features like your own playlists and adding your favorite artists. You will be able to connect up to 13 devices in your accounts and create family profiles to control what the children listen to.

Unlocked Features of Deezer Premium apk free for Android

Download the Deezer pro application for free, and get all the benefits of the individual Premium plan without having to spend a single penny. Here we tell you everything you can get by downloading this application.

deezer premium free

Select your favorite songs and add them to your playlist. Search the playlists of your friends and follow them to listen to their songs and keep up to date on their tastes.
You can select on which device you want to play. Switch between your phone, tablet or laptop; Connect with devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Take the Deezer Premium app by connecting it to your smartwatch or Android Auto.

Whether you're traveling by plane or staying offline, download your favorite albums or songs for the road. You can save as many as you want and listen to them over and over again without the need for internet.


Choose between the four quality levels that Deeze offers you in order to take care of your storage or your data.

  1. Compact
  2. Balanced
  3. Superior
  4. Personalized

Songcatcher function is a tool that will search for the song that is heard in the environment and show it to you in its catalog so that you can easily add it to your device.
The lyrics of the songs will appear to you with the Lyrics function of Deezer Premium pro, you will be able to find out what they say and use them for karaoke. In addition to being able to share the lyrics on your social networks Instagram and Snapchat.
Flow is the star feature of Deezer Premium, a playlist that includes your favorite songs, music you listen to on Deezer, and the genres and artist added to your favorites in the library.

Deezer Premium Apk does not contain ads

The free version of Deezer has a lot of ads and your views will constantly be interrupted by the voices and products offered on the platform. These ads will haunt you throughout the app, regardless of whether they are audio ads that appear after a certain number of plays; Visual ads will scroll across your screen for you to click on and connect you to other places.

deezer premium apk

Deezer Premium free apk erases all this cumbersome and boring media that doesn't let you enjoy your music freely. Eliminate both types of ads and never hear ads that interrupt your playback again with the free download of Deezer Premium apk or Deemix.

Deezer Premium apk has no borders

Deezer's music platform is not the same in every country in the world. Some music has area restrictions and you won't be able to listen to all music with the creator's version. Instead, with this free Deezer Premium download from our blog, remove region restrictions and access all music without limits. Also freely select the language you want for the user interface of your application.

Guide to Download Deezer Premium APK for Free

The instructions are very easy to follow, you shouldn't have any problem downloading and in Install the latest version of Deezer Premium apk.

Uninstall the free version of Deezer if it is previously installed from the Playstore.

  1. Download the APK file from our link. When finished, you may be prompted to enable installation from unknown sources.
  2. Go to settings/privacy/Unknown sources/enable installation from unknown sources.
  3. Finish the installation and open the app to check.
  4. Deezer Premium APK Conclusion
  5. The evolution of devices and music has allowed us to get to this point. A place in time where we can have and listen to our favorite music whenever we want. To make it possible, you just need to download our totally free Deezer Premium apk to your cell phone.