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Allcalidad is a mobile application that through alternative providers allows all users to see all titles from streaming platforms and billboard releases in HD quality for free and unlimited from any Android device.
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The best of cinema in one place with Allcalidad

Fans of the seventh art and all the multimedia content of recent years will no longer have to worry about investing their money in all the new platforms, as alternatives such as Allcalidad have reached mobile terminals to offer hundreds of films with all genres, languages and necessary formats, being able to play and download for free from the comfort of cell phones and tablets.

What is Allcalidad?

Allcalidad is a mobile application that, through alternative providers, allows all users to see all titles from streaming platforms and billboard releases in HD quality for free and unlimited from any Android device.

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Its latest version already has more than 300 movies, a state-of-the-art internal player, official download options, multiple official dubbing and translations, and a catalog that is renewed every day, which is why it has already become one of the most recognized reproduction on the market.

Main functions of Allcalidad App

Despite competing against alternative services as big as Film App or Pocket Cine Pro, Allcalidad has managed to exceed expectations and maintain a fairly stable popularity over time thanks to its unique features and functions. Some of the most relevant will be explained below.

Unmatched Movie Catalog

By compiling the titles of the main streaming platforms and the latest releases from theaters, the Allcalidad App has acquired a very competitive content catalog that surpasses the vast majority of alternatives. As if that were not enough, each of the titles currently featured on this service has original resolution, impeccable audio quality and an ad-free playback experience, providing a service very similar to paid options.


Multiple playback options

In Allcalidad it will not be necessary to download an external video player or broadcast the content to a smart screen to watch any movie, since its interface already contains a professional player that, in addition to running each title at the best quality, will give users options Additional features to change the format, the language, add custom subtitles, move freely around the timeline and change the frame rate.

direct downloads

This does not end here, because thanks to the request of some users, the Allcalidad APK App already has a function specialized in downloading movies to the users' internal storage. To activate this, you simply have to enter the film file, select the weight and preferred video quality in the "download" section, and wait for the download bar to finish loading.

Simple and intuitive interface

Allcalidad APK's interface has a layout and order very similar to that of other streaming platforms, highlighting all its genres, recommendations and the most popular titles on the home screen and allowing users to navigate through each menu with the sidebar. In this way, people who are already used to watching movies through this type of platform will be able to quickly become familiar with Allcalidad APK and new users will have no problem adapting.

Categories and search filters

With the large number of titles that are renewed, changed, and added to the Allcalidad APK catalog, the application offers a series of search filters and lists divided by categories, genres, dates, and trends that will allow users to find their favorite movie on very few seconds.

Allcalidad APK for android

If desired, you can also use the main search bar, which will narrow down content by its title, cast names, release date, or audience rating.

Professional administration and maintenance

Finally, it is important to highlight the excellent administration that supports Allcalidad APK, since it is, in addition to providing users with the best quality videos, stable servers, a professional interface and secure downloads, it also keeps the application full of the latest and greatest the most relevant news in the seventh art industry every day.


Frequently Asked Questions about Allcalidad APK

Is Allcalidad a paid service?

Fortunately, the Allcalidad APK App is always offered for free on all pages and online stores and does not include any type of Premium subscription.

Is it possible to watch series on Allcalidad?

Although in the future App is expected to expand its content catalog with series, anime, cartoons and documentaries, for now its service is focused solely on the dissemination of films.

What languages does Allcalidad handle?

At the moment, App only has dOblations and official subtitles for Spanish, English and Latin.

Are there parental controls in Allcalidad?

Allcalidad APK does not include a parental control feature that blocks movies with adult content. However, in its latest version it provides a specialized category for children and infants.

Does Allcalidad include ads?

Although some versions of the App may contain some ads that will be executed before and after playing a movie, this will not be a problem for users who have the Allcalidad APK file or an ad blocker.

Download Allcalidad APK for Android

The official App of App is not available in the Google Play store, so users who wish to install it within their terminals must download the Allcalidad APK file from any page or alternative website that has its download link, provide the necessary system permissions and run it on the cell phone or tablet you want.

Allcalidad APK Download

It is worth clarifying that, to find a version of Allcalidad APK, it will always be advisable to use a web search engine such as Google or Bing, as these will provide an endless list of options and some very useful quality filters that will prevent the download of harmful content or viruses.