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We will tell you how you can see all the live episodes of your favorite anime series and what subscription plans they have and which are the most recommended.
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2023-06-16 07:04:17
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Finding a good anime drawing platform is something that fans have been looking for for a long time, and today we are going to inform you about the anime streaming and manga service offered by Crunchyroll Premium that might brighten your day. We will tell you how you can see all the live episodes of your favorite anime series and what subscription plans they have and which are the most recommended. If what you are looking for is to have an anime tv service and an online manga reader on your mobile and electronic devices where you can watch full anime chapters in order, you will surely be interested in what we are going to tell you.

What services does Crunchyroll Premium offer exactly?

Crunchyroll offers itself as a paid service dedicated to everything related to Japanese anime and manga. From the beginning you can already notice that it is an application made for people who love this world and who care about the quality of their service. Just by downloading Crunchyroll Premium APK and having an active subscription you'll be able to access the latest chapters of your favorite manga or anime such as Shingeki no Kyojin or Kimetsu no Yaiba at any time. And what is the strong point? That you will not have ads and you will be able to see the latest anime chapters an hour after its premiere in Japan.

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How exactly does Crunchyroll Premium work?

To begin with, the Crunchyroll anime platform works for both Spain and Latin America. You can access it online in its streaming service or with download. It is important to mention that all Crunchyroll anime as well as its Japanese manga such as One Piece can be seen on most multimedia devices such as iOS, Android and Apple TV among others. Once you have chosen and activated your subscription to have a Crunchyroll Premium account, you will now be able to access the entire catalog of Crunchyroll anime series, special chapters and online manga. In the case of their Anime series, they themselves indicate that they have a catalog of more than 30,000 episodes, so it is not surprising that they are currently one of the best-known manga and anime platforms on the internet. At the moment, the manga catalog offered by Crunchyroll is exclusively in the English language, although it is expected that in the future they could also have the manga in Spanish.

Is it possible to have the Crunchyroll Premium version for Free?

Yes, Crunchyroll has the option to create an account for free where you will have access to a limited catalog of ad-supported anime at certain times of each chapter. If you are undecided about whether to have a paid subscription to have a Crunchyroll Premium account, the platform offers you a 14-day free trial without obligation so that you can test the advantages that a premium account can give you.

Crunchyroll Premium Price and Subscription Plans

We have already seen the differences between a free account and a premium Crunchyroll account. Within the Crunchyroll platform we see that there are two subscription plans.

We can choose between different subscription plans:

Fan: In this monthly subscription plan we will always have to be connected to the internet, so we will not have the possibility of watching anime and manga offline.

Mega Fan: This is an annual subscription plan although it also has a monthly option where you can see all the anime series and exclusive chapters as well as manga without the need for an internet connection and you can often find discounts if we pay for the whole year in advance being The annual one is more profitable than the monthly one.

crunchyroll premium apk

Because Crunchyroll is one of the few streaming platforms for anime and manga series, its price is very cheap. Because? Why is it made for those who watch anime in Spanish and manga occasionally, who should choose a Crunchyroll Premium Fan Account while those who want to keep up to date with anime series like One Piece, Digimon or Yu-Gi-Oh is It is highly recommended that you subscribe to Crunchyroll's annual plan.

Advantages of Crunchyroll Premium Accounts

Now you can see, at least in Spain and Latin America, there aren't many platforms that offer a catalog of anime and manga like Crunchyroll Premium does, so this is an advantage that every fan of this hobby will appreciate. Keep in mind that this is a platform that offers only and exclusively anime chapters in Spanish and Japanese, among other languages, as well as manga in English. Although you can find anime chapters and series on other platforms such as Netflix, its catalog is nowhere near as large and of such quality as Crunchyroll's.

Therefore, the advantages of having a Premium account in Crunchyroll are the following:

  • One of the largest Anime Catalogs.
  • Anime Series in a Video Quality up to 1080p HD.
  • No advertising in the middle of the Anime.
  • Premiere chapters an hour later than in Japan.
  • Possibility to watch Anime swithout internet connection.
  • All this at a fairly cheap and affordable price if we compare it to other existing streaming channels.

Differences Free and Premium Account

The main differences between a free account and a Crunchyroll premium account are: In the Premium account you will have an unlimited Catalog, with access to the latest and most recent anime chapters, without advertising so you can enjoy your anime and manga series. without worries and the possibility of watching anime and manga without an internet connection in case you are going to travel by plane or take a long trip. 
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User Reviews about Crunchyroll Premium APK

Users positively value the effort that Crunchyroll has made to group all the anime genres in such a wide catalog that it is within reach of a click, that you can see both on mobile devices in its APK and in streaming, which makes it very comfortable to be up to date with all the anime series that you follow as well as that you can take advantage of your spare time to watch a quick episode and read manga.

What makes Crunchyroll worth it?

Crunchyroll offers a new, simpler and more convenient way to watch all your favorite anime episodes, but especially what it innovates is that you no longer have to wait days to see the latest episode of your favorite anime series or have to hire various channel services streaming due to lack of catalogue. If it catches your eye and you're an anime fan, you can download the Crunchyroll APK and enjoy watching anime and manga online at any time.