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Thanks to continuous technological innovation applications such as SkyAlert Gold are useful for warning of earthquakes and other natural disasters in our area.
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Thanks to continuous technological innovation, applications such as SkyAlert Gold are useful for warning of earthquakes and other natural disasters in our area. Not all apps and APKs have to be for entertainment or games, some can be useful for companies and individuals living in countries where natural disasters can happen at any time. This app is intended for this type of audience, which is at the forefront of technology in terms of seismic movements and alerts for natural hazards such as the eruption of a volcano, tsunamis or serious meteorological effects such as electrical rain.

What is SkyAlert Gold APK?

SkyAlert is a mobile application where, based on our location, it will keep us informed at all times of possible natural events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural events that can damage our properties as well as ourselves. These types of applications go further than other more general ones such as Yahoo Weather or Today Weather, both in technology and in the personalized treatment they give you, since they will only notify you of the effects that are close to you.

Free SkyAlert Gold  This can be especially interesting for people and companies that live in Latin America since, for example, the area of Mexico or Chile are famous for the continuous earthquakes that occur every year, and you should be prepared so that you never get caught in a bad situation. moment where you could get to suffer serious injuries.

Although it is not an app to have it open continuously, SkyAlert Gold APK encourages the prevention of these problems and to make people more aware of the natural events that occur every year. For example, in Mexico SkyAlert is committed to covering 80% of all seismic activity and natural hazards in the country, with more than one hundred detection devices for this task.

Is SkyAlert Gold APK Free?

Yes, SkyAlert is a free and free to use app. You can download the APK on your mobile and install it comfortably to have the app. Although the free application already offers many advantages, you can access the paid version SkyAlert Gold. The premium version of this app offers a series of advantages, such as:

  • Information in real time and estimates on possible earthquakes.
  • Alert reports in various locations near you.
  • Risk messages from other natural disasters.

Without Ads or ads within the app.

This version is ideal if you live again in places where these natural events occur frequently, such as Mexico. The subscription is monthly and it is quite cheap for everything it offers since in the end it is based on preventing you from being prepared for when there is a seismic movement or of another nature.

SkyAlert Gold download

How will SkyAlert app work in 2023?

How this application works is quite clear and in a few minutes you will have already learned everything you need to know about how it works. It is important that you always be clear that this app will only alert you when there are earthquakes and other events that are occurring in your state and locality so that you only have the information that matters to you.

Depending on what type of natural hazard we are talking about, you will receive personalized alerts and estimates about its arrival.

seismic alert  You'll receive seismic alert estimates 1-2 minutes in advance, plenty of time for you to find a shelter site and prepare for an earthquake. It also informs you about the intensity of the seismic movements that can be from Mild to Severe.

A strong point of this mobile earthquake detection application is that your mobile will ring through alerts regardless of whether you have it in silent mode or do not disturb, since obviously it is an emergency situation that is convenient for you be aware of the danger as soon as possible.

 Other Natural Hazards

SkyAlert, although it is focused on the dangers of earthquakes, if you are in a coastal area where there may be a danger of a tsunami or in a town with nearby volcanic activity, you will also receive notifications in case there is an imminent danger near your location.

SkyAlert Gold APK download

You have the option in the settings of this application to customize the alerts if, for example, you want to deactivate the alerts of earthquakes that are less than a magnitude of 4.8 or the weather alerts. We recommend having all alerts turned on as they will not bother you and you will only receive them if a natural hazard is about to occur.

For Companies or Individuals

This application is made for both corporations and businesses as well as for particular. In the case of companies, you can organize drills where at a specific time all your employees receive a personalized alert to practice in the event that in the future there is a real danger that is not a test. This app also offers you an online advisory service in case you have any questions or want to know more about how to protect yourself in the event of a specific natural disaster scenario. In summary, for the little that it costs to have a premium subscription in this app, you can have many benefits at your fingertips.

Download and Install SkyAlert APK for Android

Prevention can prevent serious injuries and even worse consequences. This application is a must-have that anyone who lives in a place where natural disasters are frequent should have installed. You can download the APK of SkyAlert and install it on your mobile if you want to anticipate the dangers of nature, earthquakes and much more.