How to Download Gacha Lavender game full guide 1.3.4 APK


Gacha video games have become a global phenomenon in recent years being especially recognized for their unique stories and design.
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2023-06-16 07:04:17
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New game catalog and interface with the Gacha Lavender version

Gacha video games have become a global phenomenon in recent years, being especially recognized for their unique stories and design. All kinds of products and merchandise have been generated from this genre, however, one of the most relevant services are mobile applications such as Gacha Lavender. This, in addition to providing a unique Gacha creator, also allows users to play their characters in turn-based battles and create graphic novels for free and unlimited.

What is Gacha Lavender?

Gacha lavender APK is a mobile game that, based on the Gacha Universal and Gacha Redux versions, has brought a free alternative that unlocks the entire catalog of customization and creation, removes playable limits, blocks ads, and changes the color of the interface to a purple hue.

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In this way, it ensures Gacha fans to be able to play their favorite application in a much more fluid and comfortable way.

Possibilities within Gacha Lavender APK

This application has different tools that make the gaming experience much more fun and personalized for each person. Here are some of its main possibilities.


unlimited customization

One of the biggest attractions of Gacha applications is the possibility of producing a character from scratch, because from their home screen, each user will be able to start customizing a generic Gacha with all the haircuts, dresses, armor, faces , shoes, pets, tools and accessories you want. The best part is that although much of this content is locked in the original versions, Gacha Lavender APK unlocks this entire catalog and even expands it forever to ensure that its players create the Gacha of their dreams without any problem.

professional studio mode

  • No Gacha app would be complete without the studio mode, a section that has become known over the years throughout the community for making it easy for people to create stories with their favorite Gachas.
  • This is achieved through a system of bullets similar to that of a comic or a graphic novel, where each user can fill each one with their own characters, hundreds of scenarios, customizable text balloons, props and icons, and even some very small animations.
  • Currently, these graphic novels are very popular on the social networks Tik Tok and Instagram, and thanks to the new environments and tools that the Gacha Lavender APK app integrates, the possibilities are practically endless.

Improved battle system

As if that were not enough, Gacha Lavender APK not only allows you to create unique characters and stories, it also integrates a fairly extensive turn-based battle system that will put a team of 6 Gachas to compete against different amounts of monsters.

Gacha Lavender APK free download

In the latest version of Gacha Lavender for Android, each of these Gachas has one of the 4 main elements; fire, water, earth and air, as well as a special power that will be charged in different situations during the game. The player must take this into account to generate synergies and strategically choose the characters that will make up his team, since in this way he will be able to defeat the different waves of enemies and level up quickly.

ad blocking  It is worth clarifying that the Gacha Lavender APK version has completely removed all ads from the game, consequently, no user should worry about being interrupted or bothered by any kind of ads.

renewed interface  Although no changes to the original layout and interface design can be evidenced, Gacha Lavender APK has revamped the color of the entire app to a rather iconic and distinctive shade of purple.

unique development  Gacha Lavender APK was professionally developed, so a couple of updates have already been confirmed that will fill the game with additional content and fix a couple of technical bugs. These updates, as they are not supported by Google Play, must be done manually.


How can you export study mode content?

Users who have created a story in studio mode or a Gacha full of personality can always share it with their friends by selecting the export button, which, in addition to downloading the content, will send it to the social network or messaging service of their choice. .

Is Gacha Lavender an official version?

The latest version of GachaLavender APK should be considered as an alternative to the original apps, because although it maintains the function and aesthetics of everything, the interface, the menus, its ad blocking and its additional functions are not official.

How do you change the language of Gacha Lavender APK? 

In the lower navigation bar, the user must go to the last option that indicates "settings", in this, it will be possible to change the sound levels, the size of the interface and the general language of the application. Gacha Lavender APK currently has official translations into Spanish, English, Portuguese and French; however, it is expected that more options will be integrated in future updates.

Download Gacha Lavender APK for Android

To get the Gacha Lavender game on Android quickly and safely, it will not be necessary to check the Google Play store, since this version is currently not available in its official catalog. Fortunately, thanks to the APK download format, any user will be able to install the Gacha Lavender APK version on their mobile terminal in a matter of minutes, as this file will always be freely available on hundreds of pages and online platforms.

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Finally, it is worth clarifying that before running Gacha Lavender APK, users must go to the preferences section of the "settings" menu and activate the necessary permissions to manipulate external files, after this, they will be able to continue with all the Android's own installation process and have fun with all the possibilities that this game offers.