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One of the great things that this game was able to see is the ability to have a really big open world. Ideal for playing and walking the streets of the quiet game doing missions with your companions.
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GTA San Andreas APK PRO: One of the best games of all time

Within the world of video games, there are some that have become an incomparable icon, a clear example is GTA San Andreas APK, which was released a long time ago. One of the great things that this game was able to see, is the ability to have a really big open world. Ideal for playing and walking the streets of the quiet game doing missions with your companions.

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If you are here, you will surely wonder how to download GTA San Andreas? What are the minimum requirements? Is it possible to download for Android today? We will be answering all these questions, so stay with us.

GTA San Andreas APK – Features

At present, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK Android latest version still has important features that put many other games to shame. Do you remember all the features you can enjoy? No? Don't worry. Next, we will go over the amazing features of the GTA San Andreas APK.

Brutal graphics on Android

GTA San Andreas APK latest version has always been characterized by the incredible graphics that it gives us in our gameplay. But, when it comes to playing via Android, the graphics have been adapted to a mobile device. You will be able to enjoy gameplay never seen before on a phone. With excellent improvements in lighting, colors true to everyday life and multiple updates on characters from GTA Vice City. All these aspects have been done to give a new gaming experience to the users. How about?


Complete all missions  In GTA San Andreas, there are thousands of missions, both main (to advance in the game) and secondary that are optional, but you will always have something to do! To progress through the story, you must complete the main quests that will carry the story threads.

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At first, the quests can be easy, just to get you up to speed. However, after that, you will need to repeat some of them, as the difficulty increases.
We estimate that, approximately, you will be able to play more than 70 hours of gameplay in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK Android. However, you will not have a mandatory time to complete these missions. You will be able to enjoy the open map offered by GTA San Andreas at any time.

Your progress will always be safe

Grand Theft Auto San Andréas APK incorporates the saved game in the CLOUD. Losing your game progress is one of the most common annoyances for video game players. With the latest version of GTA San Andreas APK, you can decide when to save your progress in both story mode and online. Fantastic!

new and custom vehicle  Do you think that GTA San Andreas APK ends at the end of the missions with the character? You are wrong, the cars is also an important and crucial part of this game and they give it that essential feature. In fact, some people just play it as a means of transportation! Because? Why are there so many vehicles?


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By downloading the latest version of GTA San Andreas APK Android you will get access to a large number of cars, helicopters and motorcycles that you can customize. In addition, you can change the color of the paint, the tires, the engine, the shock absorbers and much more.

play offline  Another factor that fans of the GTA saga will love is that this game can be played offline. Currently, by downloading GTA San Andreas APK Latest version you will be able to play without the need to be connected to WI-FI or mobile data. Awesome! Imagine being able to play your favorite video game anywhere without the need for an internet connection, on a bus, on a plane or on the beach. Fascinating.

Share moments with your colleagues

You can share moments with your colleagues in online mode. Carrying out different missions, robbing stores, among other activities that are active in said mode. It should be noted that, as its name says, this mode must be played with an internet connection. You will be able to meet in an open world with your companions along with other real players. What are you waiting for? Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Download GTA San Andreas for android

If something is really good, it is that you can take your favorite game everywhere, one of the easiest ways to achieve it is through your telephone equipment, therefore, now you can download your GTA San Andreas for Android. Before telling you where you can download, let us inform you that you will need a computer of at least a mid-range to download it. This is a game that consumes a lot of space and has a really good resolution, so Therefore, the team must be up to the game. When you download the latest version of GTA San Andreas for Android, you'll be able to find it in different languages: Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Russian, among others.

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Downloading GTA:San Andreas APK PRO won't take even 10 minutes of your life. You must click on "Download" and wait for it to complete. Subsequently, you need to start the game. From this moment on, you will be able to enjoy the best PROs to play San Andres APK and have a good time of fun.Excellent combination. What are you waiting for? Download San Andreas PRO APK.