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Thanks to the immense popularity that the entire Grand Theft Auto saga has received over the years some remastered versions of the most iconic titles have made it to mobile devices like GTA Vice City and GTA 5 Mobile.
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Table of Contents

  1. One of the best titles of the genre with GTA Vice City
  2. Features of GTA Vice City Stories
  3. Typical gameplay of the genre
  4. Map full of missions and possibilities
  5. History mode
  6. command window
  7. customizable controls
  8. updated graphics
  9. Additional options
  10. Download GTA Vice City APK

One of the best titles of the genre with GTA Vice City

Currently, GTA Vice City APK Remastered can be obtained in the main mobile stores, completely free of charge, without the need for payments or emulators.

Thanks to the immense popularity that the entire Grand Theft Auto saga has received over the years, some remastered versions of the most iconic titles have made it to mobile devices like GTA Vice City and GTA 5 Mobile. These have been adapted in order to bring users the best of GTA gameplay, while maintaining the aesthetics and general setting of the original game.

Among all the installments, games is one of the most successful at the moment in the entire Android market and has received quite a valuable improvement in all its graphics, sounds and mechanics.

Features of GTA Vice City Stories

There is no game that can compare to the relevance and innovation that GTA Vice City has brought to video games. For this reason, once it reached mobile terminals, its success was immediate, since it has all the original features and functions.

Typical gameplay of the genre

By naming GTA Vice City, all gamers will already know that they will be immersed in an open world full of conflicts, stories, missions, races, weapons and frantic chases.


All this gameplay will remain with the same essence in the new remastered game version, because although there are some renewed aspects, all the mechanics and the style of play remain exactly the same. Allowing all fans of the series, and new users, to have the complete and original experience of Definitive Edition games, anytime, anywhere.

Map full of missions and possibilities

The open map of GTA Vice City for free is one of the most recognized in the saga, since it has hundreds of routes, mini-games, challenges and secrets scattered all around the city.

No detail has been forgotten in this new installment and fans will be able to find in Liberty City all the Easter eggs, characters and establishments that they used to remember from the original version. Allowing that there is always a mission or a game that keeps the players immersed in the game world.

gta vice city soundtrack History mode

Thanks to the great variety of characters and plots that were created, the remastered version of GTA Vice City has kept the main plot and the story mode of the original title.

This mode has always stood out for including a linear plot where the main character "Tommy Vercetti" must position himself in the world of dark business in the city. Giving way to hundreds of very funny conflicts, dialogues and challenges, which allowed players to delve deeper into the game story.

command window One of the typical features of the Grand Theft Auto saga is being able to enter different commands into the game terminal, and being able to unlock and generate all kinds of weapons, objects, vehicles, and powers.

For this reason, GTA City APK has also added different options to use shortcuts and recover all health, unlock different types of weapons, cause chaos with flying ships, explode cars or arm all pedestrians. It is worth clarifying that the catalog of game shortcut commands is not that extensive, since many of these can demand a lot from the processors or memories of the simplest cell phones.

customizable controls  The touch controls of GTA Vice City APK have been designed based on the controls of the original consoles, allowing users to quickly become familiar with all the buttons and get the most out of all the gameplay of the title.


gta vice city remastered

All actions can be carried out with ease, from moving in all directions quickly, to being able to aim with all kinds of weapons. In addition, thanks to the excellent customization options for Android games, it will be very easy to adapt the controls to the different sizes and formats of the current screen.

updated graphics  As previously mentioned, GTA Vice City Stories has received graphic changes that polish and improve the textures of all the characters and settings, without losing the nostalgic and retro essence of the title.

This has not only brought a refreshing and modern gaming experience, it has also enabled it to generate different performance options where the player can choose the graphics quality from low, medium or high.

Additional options  there are some  Some customization and accessibility options that will be of great help to most players, to obtain a more dynamic and professional style of play.

One of these features, which is worth naming, is the ability to pair and play with external controls or gamepads, which can be used through a bluetooth connection.

On the other hand, in GTA Vice City APK, it is possible to activate some aspects of vibration to the effects and commands of the game, taking the gameplay to another level.

download grand theft auto vice city

Download GTA Vice City APK

Although games are in the Google Play store, users who decide to install the version of GTA Vice City APK will be able to access multiple advantages of the game and will completely avoid some compatibility errors.

The first step that must be followed is to go to an online page or website that offers the APK files of recent applications and games. It is important to clarify that these sites can be found with a simple search in any browser.Once the GTA Vice City APK file is obtained, it will be necessary to activate the "unknown sources" permissions of the device, to avoid errors during the installation process. Finally, all that remains is to launch the game and start enjoying one of the best open-world action titles of all time, now in the comfort of Android cell phones and tablets.