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The vast majority of anime game lovers are interested in exploring different genres including those based on a high content of adult entertainment.
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Meet the game Project QT

Project QT is a free game, offered by the famous Nutaku website and available for PC and Android devices. This includes hybrid puzzle and turn-based RPG features, plus other mini-games, and the ability to upgrade and unlock different interactions and characters. The vast majority of anime game lovers are interested in exploring different genres, including those based on a high content of adult entertainment. These types of titles are known to be very popular in today's market, implementing different characters and competitive mechanics that attract many new players.

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Since it was released, it has been noted for its excellent quality and varied gameplay, which has kept it one of the most popular adult games in its genre. Other games within the same genre of Project QT are Twin Saga, SoulWorker, Waifu Fighter, among others.

Main Features of Project QT PRO APK

If we wonder why its great success is due, we should focus on its unique characteristics, which are revolutionary in the genre:


Project QT contains a wide variety of mechanics in one place. Well, it's initially based on recruiting different anime girls to fight in turn-based combat, mixed with puzzles. These combats are made up of the lower area of the screen, which is a board that contains different thematic tiles, which you must match with the same type, drawing a line through them, very similar to other games like “Candy Crush”. . While at the top, your team of girls will automatically enter combat every time you make a certain number of moves. Attacking opponents and using their special powers. Players will have to create different tactics and combinations of girls, according to their synergies. In addition, you must be aware of the defense, the type of attack and the statistics of each of them.


Project QT PRO APK's main purpose is to offer a casual gaming experience, full of attractive images and animations of its characters.

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  • The gameplay is based on very simple and fast mechanics. This is because character upgrading, achievements, rewards, and main scenes are at the core of the game, which are achieved solely through collecting rewards and experience.
  • For this reason, players must correctly use the prizes obtained by completing the challenges, in order to increase the statistics of the girls. In such a way that our compositions obtain more power for combat against other players.
  • Thanks to this, users will always have an incentive to improve or get rewards from each of their characters. This style of play may appeal to many, especially considering the genre Project QT belongs to.


visual section

The graphics section of Project QT is colorful and friendly, with a very polished art style. Because of this, the game's strong points, such as the characters and animations, receive the greatest amount of attention and care. Its level of quality is impressive and this has quickly distinguished it from other titles.

sound design

The music of Project QT APK, although it cannot be considered as exceptional, is quite good and does not become annoying for the players. This can change according to the event or the type of game in which the user is. In addition, the sound effects have been meticulously implemented, allowing us to differentiate between different types of weapons, spells or voices. One of the aspects in which the sound work is most evident is in the mosaic game that we find at the bottom of the battles, where all the explosions, combos and powers come together to create an immersive and dynamic experience.

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Despite the fact that Project QT has too many game options, panels and features, the interface has implemented different strategies that facilitate navigation and position all its sections intuitively. Thanks to this, Project QT PRO APK contains a main menu, where you can access all the options such as the bonuses, the battle arena, the store, the global ranking or the characters. It is worth noting that the interface has a vertical format, both in the mobile version and in the desktop version. So you will not have to adapt to the order again if you want to change platforms.

Updates and events

Project QT has constant updates where the game is refreshed with new content and events. Some very popular content is the Christmas event, where not only a wide variety of missions and items are added, but also the settings and the interface are adapted in a festive way. characters, animations and balances are other changes that developers implement weekly. So the game stays relevant and playable at all times.


The game does not require a lot of system requirements, thanks to its simple interface and 2D graphics. Although this aspect is obvious, it implies that any mobile device will be able to install it without any performance problem.

Download Project QT APK PRO Free

Project QT PRO APK is very easy to install, since it is available for all mobile devices with an Android operating system, as well as being able to be installed on PC.

project qt download

This title can be obtained through official stores or through different web pages. It is important to check that the download platform is safe, and investigate the opinions and reputation of the page.

In conclusion;

Project QT is one of those games that can be quite addictive, thanks to all its rewards and incentives given to players with better compositions. This, mixed with a large number of anime characters and an excellent visual section, allows more than one player to find themselves spending hours on this great title.