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Simulation games like this are very popular especially if they are about daily tasks people love games about planting taking care of pets and day to day tasks games like My Tamagotchi or Talking Maria go a little further by giving you a mix of genres and turn it into something else.
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2023-07-07 11:01:05
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Talking Maria APK is a simulation game where we will have to live with the talking cat Maria, these games are based on raising pets and taking care of them, here you will have to talk with Maria to be able to advance in the story of the game.

Simulation games like this are very popular, especially if they are about daily tasks, people love games about planting, taking care of pets, and day-to-day tasks, games like My Tamagotchi or Talking Maria go a little further by giving you a mix of genres and turn it into something else.

What is Talking Maria in 2023?

Talking Maria APK is the pet care application, here you will have to establish a relationship with the strange Maria who is your pet, whom you will have to feed, play, talk to, calm down, shower and put to sleep, all this is simple but Maria hides secrets and your home is full of hidden rooms and horror elements.

Talking Maria APK

The idea of this game is to advance in the story by the hand of Maria because she will tell you about her experiences and you must respond accordingly to advance, try to discover as many secrets while Maria sleeps, our pet has a strange personality, it is painful and sad But if he finds out that you entered his hidden room, the game will be over and you will see his evil and hidden side.

Compatible with all platforms

Talking Maria APK for Android, is a game that you can download on any android device, besides that it is light weight and can run on relatively old devices, besides being the newest version and it is updated every two or three months at anus.

Features of Talking Maria

This game is quite peculiar and could be considered an indie game, but besides this what makes it stand out is:

It's a fast game

Talking Maria APK, it's a quick game that you can play a few minutes a day, simple tasks with Maria and having conversations with her don't cost any time, the game can be endless if you just want to raise Maria and focus on personal care her.


Different outfits and accessories

With the in-game currency you can buy clothes for Maria the cat as well as accessories to use with her, which will improve her mood or not depending on the situation.

These can be food:

  • Burgers
  • Mice
  • spiders
  • toys: like scratchers, balls among others.

Maria hides secrets

Talking Maria APK is a mystery game as well as a simulation game, because if we don't start exploring the house as Maria falls asleep we will be able to see hidden rooms that will have secrets about the cat's sad past, but be careful if Maria He discovers you, it's game over.

different game modes

Talking Maria APK latest version, it changes with the previous versions and adds two game modes, the story and the random one, in the story mode it's the usual one where you'll have to talk to Maria to advance, while the random one is having talks with Maria about topics random.

Experience using Talking Maria APK

This apk is easy to download, also it does not have a game tutorial, our experience with it was quite good, we played several days since it is difficult to spend many hours playing because the game can become very repetitive.

Talking Maria APK Download

Maria is a strange character, and quite melancholic, who you must take care of and earn her trust, it is very difficult to lose her if you have conversations with her and you don't respond with meaning, also the game always tests you with very specific questions in conversations, From the rest it is a good game ideal for pasta a few minutes a day.

Download Talking Maria for Android

If you like pets, mystery and, above all, chatting and helping others, this game is ideal for you, as well as being quick and easy to download.