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through anime graphics it presents you with an original and fun story that you will discover as you progress through the game for mobile.
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2023-06-16 07:04:17
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The video game industry advances every year, defying realities through good graphics and game mechanics. However, there is still an audience that likes classic games to solve puzzles and riddles, and Touch Himawari is one of those cases where, through anime graphics, it presents you with an original and fun story that you will discover as you progress through the game. for mobile.

What is Touch Himawari APK?

Touch Himawari is a mobile game with an Anime aesthetic where you must use your skills to solve puzzle levels that will increase in difficulty throughout the game. This game goes further than others like Learn The Heart or Cut the Rope and is not your typical puzzle game. This is a Japanese classic puzzle game that guarantees several hours of playing through the dozens of puzzles you can do.

When you solve each puzzle you will have the opportunity to spend some time with Himawari who will end up being your romantic Japanese girlfriend if you are able to finish all the puzzles in this mobile game. The success of Touch Himawari is such that they are already developing a second part that is expected to be released shortly.

Touch Himawari Updated

How to Play Touch Himawari for Android?

Although you can play this game on various multimedia devices, we recommend you to download and install Touch Himawari for PC since as it is a puzzle game you can play it while you are on your way to another place or in your spare time. When you start the game you will see that it is not yet available in English or Spanish, which may not be very attractive for many, but the truth is that it is a puzzle game and that it is in another language will not be a problem to solve these visual riddles that allow you to play smoothly. You also don't need to know the Japanese language when you get to know Himawari, which is the objective of the game, since the game is linear in this aspect and focuses on you overcoming all the puzzles to achieve your goal to make Himawari fall in love.

Touch Strengths  Here are the strengths that make this mobile puzzle solving game worth trying and playing.

Japanese Anime graphics: If you are a fan of anime movies and series, you surely know how to appreciate the charm that this mobile game has achieved with classic graphics.

The challenge of making Himarawi fall in love: The whole game consists of solving all the challenges and puzzles so that you can have this character as your Japanese girlfriend.

Perfect for learning Japanese: If you are learning Japanese, Touch Himawari can be a good game for it, since it uses simple and intuitive phrases with what you see on the screen.

Download the APK of Touch Himawari Free for Android

If you are interested in puzzle games and Japanese aesthetics, you should try Touch Himawari now to see if you are able to overcome all the challenges of the game and have Himawari as your girlfriend. We recommend downloading the Touch Himawari APK for Android to be able to enjoy the advantage of playing a casual puzzle game in your spare time.