How to Download Viva Project APK 1.2


Surely the latter has aroused your interest which is why we invite you to continue reading this article where we analyze Viva Project and everything you can do within this mobile game just by downloading and installing its APK on your mobile.
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2023-07-12 01:08:38
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Simulators have reached a new level and the best proof of this is Viva Project APK. Before we could enjoy simulators like Touch Himawari or Goat Simulator, but thanks to artificial intelligence we have advanced to get games where an AI responds to you in real time and where you can have fluid conversations with a machine.

Viva Project APK

Surely the latter has aroused your interest, which is why we invite you to continue reading this article where we analyze Viva Project and everything you can do within this mobile game just by downloading and installing its APK on your mobile.

What is Viva Project APK?

Viva Project APK is a simulation mobile game where you can talk to an artificial intelligence in the form of an anime girl about all kinds of topics and order it to do things for you. It is one of the first games where an AI participates and that is why it has attracted the attention of most gamers who want to know how developed and perfect this AI is.

The graphic and artistic section are other aspects to take into account; all the characters and the aesthetic that you will see in Viva Project is of Anime and Asian style. The characters that interact with you are the so-called virtual loli girls. Once you play, depending on how you treat and talk to them, they will respond in the same way and you will be able to have fluid conversations as if they were real people.

The AIs of these virtual girls are highly developed and not only will they respond logically to whatever you say to them, but their facial faces will also change. For example, if you say something to her that she dislikes about her, she will make a sad or angry face and she will become happy if you start complimenting her and being nice to her.


Is Viva Project APK Free?

Yes, Viva Project is an APK that you can download and install for free on your mobile device. Like other platforms, they use free-to-use Open AI. In this case they use the AI made by Sir Hal.

How to Play Viva Project for Android?

Just like other similar games the game starts when you start typing and interacting with the AI. When you start a game you will find a virtual girl in a room and you can talk about whatever you want with her, although keep in mind that she will react and answer you accordingly.

Viva Project APK free download

The AI in this game has been tested and always responds logically like a real girl which will be a lot of fun and a unique experience if you have never talked to an Artificial Intelligence before.

Choose your Loli Character

Before starting a game you will have a list of loli characters that you can choose with which you will then interact when you are in the room with her. At first you will have many locked, but you can unlock them by doing different tasks and objectives with these girls. An example of homework is for ordering the girl to pick up something from the floor.

Animations in Real Time

Viva Project is a virtual girl simulator mobile game where you can do much more than just talk to AI. One of the most fun things to do is give them commands or offer them things like food to see how they react to it. This AI remembers everything you have written before, including whether you have been good or bad with it, so it is a factor to take into account before making a decision.

There are dozens of activities and animations that you can do with this virtual girl, from passing her objects to taking a bath together and even pampering her head. At the moment this game is not available for Virtual Reality but you can download the APK to try it on your mobile.


character emotions  Character animations can also be emotions. Depending on the tone in how you speak to her and what you say to her, you could cause her to get angry or sad. For this reason, you must be careful what you say, as well as explore and test how intelligent this AI is.

Each loli has 3 or 4 different emotions and alternates between them depending on how the conversation goes and the actions with which you interact with them.

Main Features of Viva Project in 2023

If you still have doubts about whether or not you should download the APK of this game, here are the most relevant features that you should know before doing so.

Dozens of Characters to Unlock

This game encourages you to chat with the virtual girls and do different in-game tasks and goals that will give you amazing rewards. Among the best rewards we have to unlock characters. There are currently more than ten character models to choose from, which you can partially customize and play with.

Viva Project APK for Android

Each character has their own personality and their own history. This encourages the player to continue exploring. or and unlock all the characters in the game.

Very Advanced AI

Few simulation games currently exist capable of having artificial intelligence as advanced as Viva Project and for free. Actions like ordering her to get down, to come with you or to eat a donut together are spectacular things that you will discover that you can do in this game. This simulation is also a nice experience to get in touch for the first time with all the potential that an AI can have through a virtual girl.

Download and Install Viva Project APK in 2023

This game has many unique features that make it a simulator worth playing and hanging out. If it has caught your attention and you want to try what it would be like to interact with a loli in real time, then we recommend you download the APK of Viva Project and install it on your mobile device.