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WhatsApp Delta is a much more aesthetic version of the application it has several design features that will make sending messages more fun and easy.
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What is WhatsApp Delta for mobile?

WhatsApp Delta is the most widely used instant messaging application in the West. It has multiple functions in addition to just sending messages, you can talk on a call, video call, send files that will be deleted only once, among other functions.

whatsapp delta apk

WhatsApp Delta is a much more aesthetic version of the application, it has several design features that will make sending messages more fun and easy. We will talk about the features, functions and a guide on how to install WhatsApp Delta for free on your mobile.

Technical Sheet of WhatsApp apk

Home screen customization is one of the coolest features of WhatsApp Delta, and unlike the free version of JTWhatsapp, you will be able to manipulate the layout, choose your favorite, and modify your user interface to make it feel more user-friendly.

WhatsApp Delta mobile home page

Edit the search and status bar.

At the top of WhatsApp Delta on the main screen you can find the search bar and the status bar. Now it will be found above your chats with bubble shapes like in other social networks and not in another tab, making it easier for you to view your chats and the statuses of your best friends.

States Duration  Modify the duration of your statuses, keep them online longer so that all your contacts can see them. And if you want to see a status without the person noticing, use the story preview, so you can peek without opening the status. If you ran out of time, don't worry, WhatsApp Delta will let you see the stories even if they have already been deleted.

chat backgrounds  Choose the photos you want to have in the backgrounds of your conversations, as well as the option to choose an image as a header for your main page simulating a Facebook cover image. You can also change the colors of the menus from settings to choose what colors the window headers, menus, and color transitions will look like when you slide.

whatsapp delta latest version

An important change is the option to change your main page and return the user interface like Instagram in its new update, there are more than 10 different types of interface.


WhatsApp Delta chats and messaging for Android

Conversations with your friends will also change with the new features of the latest version of WhatsApp Delta. Open a conversation, go to the secondary menu and configure your conversations to your liking, some options are as follows.

temporary messages If you open the settings in the conversation, at the bottom of your new menu you will see the option of temporary messages, which you can program them to have a duration of one day, one week or ninety days. Only text will be deleted, leaving the photos, videos and audio in the conversations.

Media in groups  The groups are usually conversations in which we receive many multimedia files, to stop this, go to the conversation menu in WhatsApp Delta and deactivate the visibility of multimedia files, also that the files are not saved. So you don't get filled with unwanted multimedia.

react to messages  Another function for WhatsApp Delta last version conversations is to be able to react to comments as in other Meta applications. It will save you space in your conversations by not having to send many emoticons to reply to comments.

Read confirmation or double ticks

If you don't like people to know if you read their message, turn on the read confirmation setting until you reply to the message, it won't matter if you opened the conversation, the other user won't see the blue badges indicating that you already read the message.

secondary actions button  There is a new floating button on the page about conversations with various options to send content to that contact. The last button added is the Split Video button, with which you can cut the videos you send to only send what you need, it will be like uploading a video to your stories.

delta whatsapp  The buttons with the other functions such as voice change, autotext, fancy text and others continue to function.

Text translation  The application has an easy-to-use translation method, just hold down the message you want to translate, open the secondary menu by clicking the three dots on the upper right side and the option at the bottom will say translate, just select the language on the you want to read it and the translation method, you can use Google translate and Yandex.

automatic messages  If you are a schedule person, the function to auto schedule messages will be useful for you. Select the hours in which an automatic message will be sent to the people who write to you, the message is free. Use it at work, school or to sleep. Or if you wish, activate the Do Not Disturb mode, it is used to turn off notifications tions of your WhatsApp Delta application.

Send and receive files using WhatsApp Delta 2023

On the subject of file transfer, WhatsApp Delta free surpasses its basic version because the way of sending and receiving videos has been optimized. With this latest version your sending of files will not be limited to a few images, you will be able to transfer up to 90 photos or 90 Mb of video without losing their quality.

WhatsApp security apk  WhatsApp Delta has improved its security to take care of user information, which is why it renewed its privacy system so that you do not feel risk when using this application.

secure conversations  The first new security configuration for your mobile will be the passwords to open the conversation either with the lock pattern or the user's fingerprint. They will no longer be able to check the conversations on your mobile.

Anti-ban padlock  The second, and possibly most important, is the anti-ban lock that it has so that the WhatsApp LLC servers do not interfere with your application and your account.

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Create a backup in your old version of WhatsApp

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  • It is that easy to get hold of WhatsApp Delta 2023.

WhatsApp Delta for Android

This application is highly accepted among the users, the functions that they have make it easier for the user to use this application, not to mention all the design that allows each person to choose. If you are a busy person, you will be able to get a lot out of functions such as auto-scheduled messages or messages that are not confirmed when you read them. It is an excellent messaging option that will take care of your security and privacy. We recommend that you download it now and use all the functions that we recommend in this guide.