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This in addition to providing hundreds of television content for free maintains a resolution and reproduction quality perfectly adapted to mobile devices.
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XUMO, a great alternative to watch channels and live events

Users who are tired of paying for a television provider or a monthly plan to be able to watch their events and their favorite channels live, should know all the advantages of XUMO. This, in addition to providing hundreds of television content for free, maintains a resolution and reproduction quality perfectly adapted to mobile devices.

XUMO TV   This, combined with the fact that XUMO is constantly updated with new broadcasts, will allow audiovisual training fans to access one of the largest and most professional services of the moment from the palm of their hands.

What is XUMO?

XUMO TV is a mobile application that uses the technology of IPTV lists and some private providers to transmit more than 200 channels full of movies, news, sports, documentaries, series and reality shows on demand or live, to all compatible mobile terminals.

Additionally, in its latest version it also integrates a professional interface that contains lists, search filters and different menus that will facilitate the administration of all the content, so in XUMO APK even the least experienced user will be able to find their favorite show and watch it in a few seconds.

Recommendations and functions to use XUMO properly

Unlike other similar services like Pluto TV or KODI, the latest version of XUMO has some alternative features that users should be aware of so they can get the most out of the platform:

Store and find content

Thanks to the large number of broadcasts that XUMO APK currently offers, the interface, in addition to having filters and a main search bar, also allows users to store their favorite shows and channels in different lists, manage the schedules of each one of them and even generate a channel shortcut on the mobile home screen.

Understanding the parent player

Being the main tool that executes, reproduces and adapts the IPTV signals of XUMO APK, the main player is the only section that adapts the videos to the needs of the users, since from its configuration bar you will find icons to adjust the volume, the time bar, the format, the resolution and even the retransmission to other compatible TV Boxes or Smart TVs.


XUMO APK for android

It is necessary to clarify that all these modifications can always be altered during the execution of the content, so it will never be necessary to pause or exit the application.

customizable alerts

So that users never miss a chapter or an event that is broadcast live from a channel's programming, XUMO APK for Android has an integrated notification system. These can be customized so that they alert the user to the start of their favorite content five minutes before it begins to play, making it a very useful and effective tool.

On-demand content

In the latest version of XUMO, not everything will be based on live broadcasts and television channels, because thanks to its catalog of on-demand content, now users will also be able to enjoy a list of iconic series and movies such as The office, Game of Thrones or The Walking dead. To find this catalog it will only be necessary to enter the "on demand" section and start playing the title you want for free and unlimited.

recurring ads  Not everything could be perfect, and being a free service, the platform will display a couple of ads during live broadcasts. These can usually be ignored after five seconds, however they will probably affect the experience for some people.

Updates and maintenance

The developers of XUMO APK are committed to the quality and success of this application, which is why every month they always take care of maintaining stable servers, quality IPTV lists, an error-free interface and an updated content catalog

Is it possible to watch premium channels from XUMO APK?

Although at the moment there are no broadcasts from official channels such as HBO, Meta TV 2 or CNN, the channels focused on the premium categories broadcast the movies and series produced by these platforms for free in HD quality.

How can I fast forward and rewind streams?

From the live guide, you will have access to a table where all the content and programming of XUMO TV can be seen clearly and users will be able to go back or forward the transmission to the minute they want to see.

Can I download content from the app?

Unfortunately, the platform's on-demand content cannot yet be downloaded to the internal storage of the user's cell phone or tablet. However, it is worth noting that some applications and services External ios could help to download chapters and movies alternatively.

Where do you change the language of the application?

From the settings section you can change the settings of some functions such as alarms, the user account, the interface format and the general language of the application. Although only Spanish, English, Portuguese and French are available at the moment, many other translations are expected to be implemented in the future.

Download XUMO APK for Android easy and safe

To safely and quickly download the latest version of XUMO on Android, users must avoid the official Google Play store, as this service cannot be found officially within its catalog of applications at the moment.

However, through the APK file, all the content and functions of the app can be downloaded in minutes to the user's mobile terminal. To access this document it will only be necessary to search online for pages and websites that contain your download link. Finally, once all these steps are followed, all that remains is to activate the "unknown sources" permissions, run XUMO APK and follow the Android installation guide.