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The official website of YouTube Azul is one of the most visited in the world, as it is currently one of the main search tools where hundreds of hours of content are uploaded every minute.
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Unlock unique features and benefits with the alternative version of YouTube Azul

The official website of YouTube Azul is one of the most visited in the world, as it is currently one of the main search tools, where hundreds of hours of content are uploaded every minute. YouTube offers a wide variety of programs, music videos, movies and of course content made by the same community of creators for free through its official website, its mobile version or the Smart TV application.

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However, thanks to the great popularity that the platform has gained over the years and the emergence of paid services such as YouTube Go or YouTube Music, the experience for free users is full of ads and many limitations. Thanks to this, alternative versions of YouTube have become very popular, as they are responsible for improving people's experience, without having to pay for any additional service. Among all of them we can highlight YouTube Azul, as one of the best options on the market.

What is YouTube Blue?

YouTube Azul APK presents Android users with an alternative version of YouTube, which has multiple unlocked Premium features and useful additional tools. All this completely free of charge, without the need to pay for a monthly subscription. At the same time, managing to maintain all the aesthetics of the official version of YouTube, synchronizing the user account and all their video history, so changing platforms will not generate any loss of information or negative changes for the user.

Main features of YouTube Azul app

  • With the great boom that currently exists in the market for alternative versions of YouTube, applications such as YouTube Vanced, FlyTube or BG Player compete daily for the attention of new users.
  • However, thanks to the excellent effectiveness and the additional options that the app implements, it has been able to quickly stand out from all the other options.
  • Below are the main features and functionalities that the YouTube Azul app offers free of charge to all Android users.

Remove all types of advertisements and advertisements

Upon entering YouTube Azul pack for the first time, people will be met with a completely clean interface free of ads. Well, for the application it has always been a priority to improve all the navigation factors of the original platform. In such a way that it completely eliminates the different banners and promotional messages distributed throughout the interface and blocks the ads before, during and at the end of the videos.


Unlock Premium Features

Unfortunately, multiple options that made it easy to listen to music, watch videos while in another application, or to regulate data usage, have begun to be paid functions in the official YouTube application. However, YouTube Azul APK solves this problem quickly, as it unlocks the most useful and desired features by users:

Music and videos in the background

After the popularity of applications such as Spotify or Deezer, YouTube released its official version of YouTube Music, preventing free users from listening to all kinds of audio without having to have the screen of the cell phone or tablet unlocked.

youtube blue app  However, the app app, in addition to containing all the songs and videos of the new industry releases that are uploaded to the platform, maintains the possibility of listening to the entire sound section of the videos in the background.

micro video player  The micro player consists of the possibility of being able to watch any video without having to stay within the main application. Well, when this option is activated, a floating window will be created that will keep playing the main content while users use different cell phone functions. This is a great advantage that YouTube Blue for adults unlocks and implements for free, so it will no longer be a problem to see all kinds of content while checking their social networks, writing or chatting.

data saving  With YouTube Azul APK you can also get a customizable function to save data and limit the quality of videos. In such a way that different consumer filters can be activated where you can only watch low-quality videos when using the cell phone's own data and fully enjoy HD quality when connecting to a WiFi network.

Additional options

The YouTube Azul app not only unlocks all these additional tools, it also adds some customizable settings of the app itself. Some of the most relevant functions that can be found are the possibility of having more customization options, originally having a blue interface. l Very feature that can be changed at any time by one of the many original themes and templates. In addition, there are also some additional playback functions, such as the integrated Zoom, with which you can zoom in and out of a video with the movement of your fingers.

Accessibility  Currently, YouTube Blue is only compatible with Android operating systems, so iOS cell phones and tablets will not be able to enjoy this application.

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However, through some alternative methods such as adapters or emulators, YouTube Azul APK can be enjoyed on PC platform or some specific Smart TV.

Download YouTube Blue APK

It is important to understand that the YouTube Azul APK app is an application created by external sources, so it is not possible to find it directly in the official Android store. However, the download process is very simple, since it will only be necessary to find the APK file of the application through some online pages and websites. Then, run YouTube Azul APK on any compatible cell phone or tablet. By completing these steps, any user will be able to start enjoying the YouTube Azul app with a full browsing experience and all Premium features unlocked for free.