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Together with your Swordsmaiden partner Alice Starwell take the first steps towards becoming a legendary hero.
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2023-06-16 07:04:17
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Empyreal Dawn is a new Gothic fantasy adventure game on Steam where you lead a team called the Caeruleum. Together with your Swordsmaiden partner, Alice Starwell, take the first steps towards becoming a legendary hero!

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In the war-torn land of Edyssa, two opposing kingdoms - Bastion and Crescent - are destroying the continent with their conflict. As the armies of the kingdoms turn to war, a new hero class, the Adventurer, emerges to protect the people from monsters and criminals.

In the Anime Empyreal Dawn Steam RPG, you will play as Albert Cross, Bladeseer of the neutral party Caeruleum. Accompanying you is Alice Starwell, an extraordinary Swordsmaiden. As the leader of the Caeruleum, raise your party's status to the next level and carve your name into the annals of Edyssian history!

Main features of the game Empyreal Dawn

Immerse yourself in an engaging story

Stories should be experienced, not just told! Featuring hand-drawn Anime-style illustrations, original soundtracks, native voiceovers - all come together in a classic visual novel format to document our heroes' journey !

Classic JRPG gameplay with lots of twists

Empyreal Dawn is a visual novel at its core, but the game also features traditional turn-based combat for special encounters! Don't just read about your conquests - join in too! Just like the classic JRPGs, the boss battles are tough, lengthy, and accompanied by epic music. Battles are limited to large enemies and bosses, ensuring every encounter is well-organized and distinct. Your character's strength is determined by your choices in the story, not how long you press the button.

Dynamic selection and replayability

As the leader of the Caeruleum, you will decide which quests to take on and with whom to establish relationships. You can even choose to associate with one of the kingdoms! Each route in Empyreal Dawn has unique experiences and endings that reward subsequent plays. Warning, not all ends like fairy tales! One character's salvation may be another's downfall.​