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That is why in this article we will talk about Fouad Whatsapp one of the most popular pros you can find today. The options that they offer you will make you never think about the normal Black Whatsapp again.
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2023-06-16 07:04:17
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Fouad Whatsapp: Advantages, disadvantages and much more

Fouad Whatsapp is a really useful application, that cannot be denied, but you have to be aware that at the level of interesting options it is very obsolete. It does not offer diversity, which in the long term makes it boring or simple compared to other models. That is why in this article we will talk about Fouad Whatsapp, one of the most popular pros you can find today. The options that they offer you will make you never think about the normal Black Whatsapp again.

Why should we have Fouad Whatsapp on your phone?

Fouad Whatsapp is an improved version of the normal WhatsApp that we all know and with quite limited options. With this pro you will be able to fully customize the funds of each of the chats.

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You will also have the possibility to play with the colors, use original emojis, extend the maximum duration of your state, among thousands of other original things. But like all this, it has benefits and drawbacks that must be made clear before you fully have this application on your phone.

So that you know in advance both sides of FouadWhatsapp.

  • Advantages of Fouad Whatsapp
  • Improve themes and colors.
  • Year after year we have to put up with the fact that the only color that appears on WhatsApp is pale greenish. Always having the same format that can sometimes be considered boring and that does not generate anything attractive.

This is completely forgotten with Fouad Whatsapp which has thousands of themes and colors that we can choose for your application. But not only that, you can even choose your font and you will have one less problem in your WhatsApp and how you really like it.


fouad official whatsapp

new emoji  We all know about the emojis in this app, we have seen and finished them a large number of times. What would you say if with Fouad Whatsapp you have more variety? So you can use them as many times as you want in your chats. FouadWhatsapp has come to be able to fully expand all the horizons that the old version does not want to update. Every new version is awesome so you always have to download the latest version of FouadWhatsapp.

Have two accounts on the same phone

If you have two telephone lines, you will have to have the original version and the business version to be able to have them. But that is over with Fouad Whatsapp, since you will have the possibility of having them with great ease. You only have to press a couple of tabs to access from one account to another and that's how easy you'll always be able to review the messages of both accounts.

Full customization of notifications

Fouad Whatsapp is the best solution in this area, since it allows you to completely customize how they appear in your notification bar. Do you want to silence all notifications? You can do it. Do you want to receive notifications only from your partner? FouadWhatsapp makes it completely possible.

fouad whatsapp pro

Always making sure that you have the best experience of all and that you forget about annoying notifications that you really don't want to see and that in the normal application are impossible to remove completely.

A complete protection

When we lend our phone there are times that we do not want them to enter our WhatsApp, since we seek to have privacy. Unfortunately, the original application does not have any option that protects chats externally. For the developers of FouadWhatsapp it is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns of all. So every chat will be fully protected in this pro either by pattern or password. With this, only you will have a guarantee of being able to access the chats, guaranteeing that all your information is completely safe.

You can make the videos much longer

Once you have downloaded Fouad Whatsapp you will be able to transfer videos of up to 1 Gb between one account to another without any problem. Everyone knows that the normal limit of the videos in the original app is certainly reduced and quite annoying.

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You can send episodes of series and even movies to your friends without any limit, so you can get the most out of it.

Disadvantages of Fouad Whatsapp

It is not an original application Fouad WhatsApp, as we mentioned, has endless benefits but, like any other application, it has disadvantages. Which is it? Next, we will explain it to you...

This app is not secured, what does this mean? It is not found in the Play Store of mobile phones. For this reason, there are many pages to download FouadWhatsApp APK, some of them are true and others are false to steal your information. And from where can I download this WhatsApp PRO? Techupnew is one of the safest options since it has high encrypted data protection systems and the application is totally legal. Download FouadWhatsApp APK from Techupnew guarantees you, of course, r vida, that your data is safe as you will also have a fully insured download of the PRO. Fabulous isn't it?

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Tips on Fouad Whatsapp  You have been able to realize that this is a very interesting pro, it has peculiar and original things that we look forward to trying. With FouadWhatsapp you can use a truly complete application that does not limit what you want to do in your daily life. On the contrary, it gives you many more tools so that you don't stop at limits that shouldn't exist. As advice, we can assure you that Fouad Whatsapp is one of the best apk if we compare it with others. Because of that, it is best that you start looking for a page that you can download at once.