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This style of games mixes puzzles with our ability to concentrate being the key to be able to pass these games training and learning the levels little by little.
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Games like Geometry dash apk 2.2 full version, which allow you to overcome scenarios while advancing on a 2D screen in the style of Super Mario Bros., are quite popular because although they are repetitive, they are of high difficulty and need to be passed or tried many times, It is a way to test our control skills in video games. This style of games mixes puzzles with our ability to concentrate, being the key to be able to pass these games training and learning the levels little by little.

geometry dash apk 2.2 full version

The difficulty of Geometry dash 2.2, like other games, is selected by the player at the beginning, it is important to take into account that at high difficulty, the game may not be enjoyed as it should.

What is Geometry Dash 2.2 in 2023?

Geometry dash 2.2 APK original, is an adventure game from the arcade category, which consists of overcoming scenarios full of obstacles where we will control a rocket and we must guide it through the scenario without crashing or being destroyed. We will do this by tapping on the screen while being cotton Simple controls at first. Geometry dash 2.2 apk full version free download, has 7 different vehicles to choose from at the start of the game, which can be a ship, a robot, a spider and other more common ones.

This is a game that will make your mind think.

Now the complicated part begins in that it has different levels and they ask you for different things and you must think about how to achieve the challenge, many times there is only one correct solution, these games not only test your speed with the controls but also your ability to solve fast puzzle. The greatest quality of this game is that its greatest difficulty is the puzzles that it proposes that will make you think about trying the levels over and over again.

it rewards you

Geometry dash apk 2.2 has a reward system as you advance in levels and history, being a way to encourage you to continue playing. These are translated into cosmetics to change the color of the game background or new skins for the rocket, in general none of these rewards will affect the difficulty of the game as such.

Geometry Dash 2.2 Features

Being an arcade game, it needs something that makes it stand out, so geometry dash 2.2 original apk has some features that make it different from the common ones:

long term game

This game geometry dash apk 2.2, offers you the possibility of playing it in the long term because its challenges are complex and allow you to try it every day, also being an arcade game it does not have a story or some type of extra content, the game offers you different levels where you must have patience to roast them.

cooperative game system

Something to highlight is that this game can be played with friends but not in the traditional way, here you can simply play the scenarios that they have created with the difficulty that they want.

geometry dash 2.2 download

different game modes

The game has several game modes, including practice mode, time trial mode, and classic mode. In addition, you can speed up the difficulty at any time you want:

Time trial mode:

you must beat the levels before time runs out, they usually put your control skills to the test. Creative mode: here you can put your imagination to play and create the most difficult levels of the game. Practice mode: This mode is the one we always recommend before starting arcade mode, as it is the best way to get used to the game. Arcade mode: the most complicated since, for example, the first 5 levels are quite complicated, and it has a lot of speed. In geometry dash apk 2.2 full version, the difficulty translates into speed as it goes up your character will move faster which will make crashing more likely. That is why we recommend having, in addition to a good internet connection, the screen of the device clean and without any substance to avoid any slippage.

level editor

You can edit levels from the obstacles to the background colors as well as the designs that will appear in it, it also allows you to share them with friends. They have 21 official levels that can be redone after passing. Also decide if you change its duration or any of its add-ons to make it more difficult.

Different soundtracks

The game of geometry dash apk 2.2, has great soundtracks that vary depending on the level, in addition to some of these levels the obstacles are overcome if you follow the rhythm of the music.

No Microtransactions

It is popular that the games have purchases within it, but Geometry dash 2.2 apk, it is not like that, its version is a full and complete version where you do not need to buy anything since it is free.

Experience using Geometry Dash 2.2 APK

Geometry Dash 2.2 APK game is very easy to download and install on any mobile device. In addition to not weighing much, its interface is simple,hen we start playing the only thing that confuses us is that the game in arcade mode starts very fast and it is very easy to lose. The truth is that we had to use the practice mode for several days.

geometry dash 2.2 original apk

We managed to get to level 5 of the arcade mode and try the creative mode which is fun but it's more for people with a construction mentality, our experience was good with the game although it's more for a short time when you're free, and it requires a lot Patience to keep trying.

It is constantly updated

Something that caught our attention is that the game is updated with new content at least once a month, and you can put it automatically on your device if you already have it downloaded. As we played it will be updated once and we were pleasantly surprised that there were new levels and cosmetics in the update.

Download Geometry Dash 2.2 for Android

If you like to put your brain and hands to the test with high quality challenge games, don't hesitate to download mediafire geometry dash 2.2.