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Guatoca Full APK is a board game where the players will have tokens and they will go for a moment on this board and in each box they must solve a game that can be assigned or chosen depending on the rules of the moment.
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2023-07-06 12:26:03
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Guatoca Full, is the board application where you can play with friends at mini-game destinations that vary a bit, but in general they are all party games that are popularized in them, and now you have them on acculturate devices that download the app, being easier to play, taking into account that the questions and game challenges are generated by it.

What is Guatoca Full in 2023?

Guatoca Full APK, is a board game where the players will have tokens and they will go for a moment on this board and in each box they must solve a game that can be assigned or chosen depending on the rules of the moment, each player can choose a different icon from tab to give it your personal touch.

Characteristics of Guatoca Full

Guatoca Full APK has very clear characteristics that make it the game of the parties and the moment, standing out from many other similar Apps:

It adapts to your event

The game is adapted to what you want, giving your party or event a very personal touch, since it has more than 20 different boards that vary between more familiar environments or more risqué parties, you can also choose some longer ones depending on whatever you look for at the party, in addition to varying the board games at home to make them more fun, the questions are not repeated.

different game modes

The game offers you several modes within its boards that you can choose or let the same board assign it to you, these are:

  • Challenge: here they give you a challenge that you must do or you will have a penance to complete, the questions are generated by the App itself.
  • Event: here is an explained event that can last several turns, these can be positive or negative and it will depend on the game, being completely random.
  • I Never: here you must answer things that you have done with the famous phrase: I never, the more things I have done, the greater the penance.
  • Drink: here the person who meets the condition of the moment must drink, which can be from the color of their clothes to the initials of their name.
  • Hot: risqué questions for brave people who want to venture out to tell of their greatest feats.
  • Truth: You will have to tell your biggest secrets and answer the most embarrassing questions to get out of this one.

Cooperative games of up to 8 people

Guatoca Full APK for Android, will let you play games with up to 8 players depending on the Android device you use, this means that they can use several devices if many people want to play, as well as being available not only on voile but on any device that has an Android platform .

Complete version

Guatoca Full APK latest version, this version does not have payment barriers nor does it force you to pay anything to access all the games, also when you enter it lets you choose the avatar you want without paying anything, this is also the most recent version of the game as such.

Experience using the APK of Guatoca Full

Our experience with the App is very good, it is very easy to use, it is worth giving it a test, especially at parties, which is where it shines, we tried a simple and short board with the challenge and event game, the questions are fun and clear as well you can finish the game whenever you want, the only purpose is to hang out with friends, we will definitely come back to try it at another party.

Download Guatoca Full for Android

Guatoca Full APK Free Download, you can download this game for free whenever you want, especially if you like party games and good times with friends, be sure to give this great game a chance.