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Today there are many apps dedicated to changing the theme and icons on our mobile desktop such as X Icon Changer where we can change and customize our own icons.
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2023-07-06 12:12:55
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Mobile phones today are part of our life and like the home, the ideal is to decorate it through an app like PixBit where we can change the background and icons on the desktop. Today there are many apps dedicated to changing the theme and icons on our mobile desktop, such as X Icon Changer where we can change and customize our own icons. Many mobiles come standard with icon packs such as Nova Launcher or Clock Launcher.

PixBit APK for android

However, PixBit is one of the few that exist today capable of changing your default icons into the same or similar ones but transformed as if they were designed in 8 bits. If you want to have a mobile that looks like something out of games like Minecraft or Terraria, then we recommend you keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this app and if it convinces you, you can download the APK and install it on your multimedia device.

What is PixBit APK?

PixBit APK is a mobile application that is used to completely change the theme of your mobile, being able to change the wallpapers and icons to a retro style reminiscent of the era of bits from the 80s and 90s. It is an app that has grown in popularity within a few months of its release because they offer you a complete icon pack of 2500+ bit icons. This means that, if here you can find all kinds of icons optimized for your mobile from the most basic such as the Gmail icon, Google Chrome or a calendar to more complex and less popular such as the download icon, notepad or even a flashlight for when we want to turn it on with the mobile.

It is an app that succeeds so much in the adult public that wants to relive the time when most games and applications were in a bit design even the youngest like the Gen z or the Millennials who, although they did not live that time, love all the retro style and want to have a different Android desktop design than others.


Is PixBit app Free?

The official PixBit app is not free, although the price is very low, so if you want to support the creators and you like what they offer, you can decide to buy it in the official marketplaces. However, it is possible that you will find APK of this app for free with everything unlocked and unlimited use that you can enjoy.

How does PixBit for Android work?

The use of this app is very minimalist and easy to use. To begin with, you will see a general view where General Information appears with all the available Icons, as well as the wallpapers or also called WallPapers. Keep in mind that every week they renew and add more icons, so the total number will always increase.

PixBit APK Download

In case you don't want to think about which icons to add, you can find 6 default formats in the Kustom section. In this section you will be able to see different styles and if one of them convinces you, you can directly import the icons to your desktop, as well as the wallpaper, so that in just a few minutes you already have your entire Android desktop optimized in 8 bits with a new design that You will surely want to show it to friends and acquaintances.

Switch Retro Style Icons

Both for the icons and for the wallpapers you will be able to find different styles in 8 bits that are very different from each other where you can find which ones are the ones that most attract your attention to import them to your desktop and replace them with the icons you currently have.

You can find multiple styles from the typical 8-bit color of the late 90s to the more basic and minimalist black and white of the 80s and 90s. You may also want to customize the icons 1 by 1 so PixBit lets you do that too. that you make small modifications like changing the color of an icon. This means that if you want you can create your own unique virtual desktop on your multimedia device.

Bit Wallpapers As for the wallpapers, we can find a smaller amount than in the icons. Even so, you will have several dozen beautiful wallpapers available on different themes such as a magical tree at sunset or a waterfall. You can choose several toggle between wallpapers to add more dynamism and variety every time you turn on your mobile. Within the main page of the app you can find more applications developed by this company that add other fun features and changes to the desktop style.

It is also possible to add widgets within your desktop which tells you that PixBit has invested a lot of time and effort in creating this application for the use and enjoyment of others. You will be able to find 5 pixel KWGT widgets that you can implement in the design of your mobile. It goes without saying that all the 8-bit icons that you will find in this application will be available in a high resolution and cHD quality. Therefore, it can be said that they are retro icons for mobile phones, but of a quality that can be expected for today. 

Pix Bit APK  Finally, it is possible to customize the icons of the mythical folders that will remind you of old operating systems like Windows XP and the retro era. This customization includes that you can change the color of the folder and put a symbol like a heart in bits, a plus symbol, a letter and many more things that will help you to have all your files ordered and located.

Download and Install PixBit in 2023

If you want to start enjoying a new retro-style virtual desktop on your mobile, we recommend you download the PixBit APK and install it on your Android device where it will be ready in just a few minutes so you can start customizing your mobile to your liking.