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It is set in a jungle culture based on the Inka and Mexican culture here you will see the main character who was the queen of the jungle.
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Queen of the Jungle is one more game that challenges you to be skillful and intelligent, this genre is very popular and is usually the favorite to spend the afternoons of people, in 201 there was a fever with Candy Crush, and in general all these games They are similar in that they are based on challenging your skills and making you try to beat yourself in each level. IQ games have a large fan base who are looking for games that challenge their knowledge, from history games, geography to word or math games, the clearest example is the trivia game which is very popular for simply being an intelligence competition. knowledge.

What is Queen of the Jungle APK in 2023?

It is a game of challenges created by Dima 2601, this game is based on challenging the organization, distribution and use of the space of the users, here they can play to overcome time and challenges but for this they must understand how the pieces of the board work as well to understand the way to make combos and more.

Use your intelligence to advance

In this game the most important thing is your ability to see plays in the future, a capacity that develops more and more as we play, it is always good to see the tutorial and read how each piece of the game works and thus be prepared for the older ones challenges.

Features of Queen of the Jungle APK

This Queen of The Jungle game has the basis of any challenge game, it will simply test you and it will be quite basic at first but what makes it different is its story and its characteristics:

A unique culture
Queen of the Jungle apk free

It is set in a jungle culture based on the Inka and Mexican culture, here you will see the main character who was the queen of the jungle, which is an original Disney from the creator, your mission is to help him through these puzzles to find the secrets of the jungle.
stage layouts. Queen of the Jungle, Due to its cultural base, it has unique scenarios that are inspired by America, especially in the Amazon and areas famous for its large forests, You will be able to see them in every new scenario.

Background music

You could not miss a background music that was consistent with the theme, it is reminiscent of films like The Mummy, music with an action atmosphere and culturally reminiscent of ancient civilizations.

searing difficulty

Queen Of the Jungle APK, it starts with a single difficulty but as you progress it becomes much more complicated, they give you the help option because of this, you may also see many levels with no solution and you must start from the beginning, as some ask you Very specific missions to continue.

Experience using Queen of the Jungle APK

Queen of the Jungle for android, it is easy to download, it also does not weigh much in the memory of the phone or device, it is a game that when downloading it did not make a small tutorial, then we started with the levels the first day we only reached level 10 well this game feels better in small doses. The second day we managed to reach level 30 giving only one hour of our time, the game felt easy and above all entertaining, the only thing is that some levels feel similar to the previous ones.

You can download Jungle Queen APK game on your Android

If you like Arcade games or challenges, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to download a game like this one and put yourself to the test against Queen of The Jungle apk.