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Stray is a single player game that tells the story of a cat through a cyberpunk and post apocalyptic world. In this scenario you will have to move forward and discover more of the world that surrounds you as well as the adventures and challenges that you will see along the way.
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2023-07-12 12:53:14
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Stray Mobile is one of the most interesting games to be released this year and is already one of the clearest choices for a GOTY game in the industry. Stray is a single player game that tells the story of a cat through a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic world. In this scenario you will have to move forward and discover more of the world that surrounds you as well as the adventures and challenges that you will see along the way.

stray apk downloadOne of the big surprises is that you can play Stray from your mobile by downloading the APK and installing it on your mobile, so you can start today to discover the adventure that awaits this kitty and have fun with a dynamic game mode and minimalist.

What is Stray Mobile APK?

Stray Mobile is the mobile version of this game where you will mainly play the protagonist who is a cat in a world destroyed by humans and through a Cyberpunk style city where the story takes place. During the game you will see how the establishments occur from your cat perspective which is something interesting never seen before in the world of mobile video games except for similar games like Goat Simulator or Cat Sim Online, although no game had gone as far as that. level of realism and action that this has reached.

During the game you will be a nameless cat who wanders this world with an interesting, funny and dramatic story ahead. The challenges are mostly easy puzzles as what the game is trying to do is immerse you in the story and see an entire city through the eyes of a random cat. In this game you will experience situations of horror, drama, laughter and other emotions that have impacted the players and have made it as popular as it is today.

Main features of StrayThe main objective of the Stray Mobile story is to return to the surface, since you fell into the underground area of the city where threats, robots and other cats both friendly and enemies abound. It cannot be classified as a fighting game or as a visual novel. In this mobile game the narrative is important and you will have to make decisions helping the characters you meet along the way. This important thing is similar to the Big Brother game.

It can be said that the Game Mode is divided into three parts:

Movement: Throughout the game you will have to be a cat, so you will move, jump and see the world in the same perspective as any cat. In the case of threats, you will most likely have to run and avoid obstacles.

Puzzles: You will have to solve a series of puzzles and puzzles in this video game in order to advance. You can often find the answer in a logical way by taking into account the environment and the elements around you.

Fight: Although it may not seem like it, this is the least important part of the game since it focuses on the investigation and exploration of the world of Stray through this feline.


There are moments in the game where you will have cyber weapons, but they are rare and do not last all the time, but there will be moments of combat in large groups where you will have to think carefully about your strategy to overcome them. Being a platform and puzzle game makes it very comfortable to play from your mobile since it does not require advanced controls.

stray apk freeYou will also have quite a few funny moments where you will just “be a cat” where you will scratch everywhere, scratch sofas or doors and mess things up which guarantees you a few laughs while you play especially if you have or have had a cat in your house.

How to Play Stray Mobile APK?

To play Stray on your mobile phone is very simple; You just have to download the APK of the game and install it on your Android device and you'll be able to start playing as if you were on a console or a computer. At first the controls may seem complicated, as well as the game's camera, but after a while you get used to the way of playing and you will be able to spend the whole story of this charming cat from the comfort of your Android.

Game HistoryStray's story is not linear.

Although you have the story and adventures of the cat, the main character, you will find other types of secondary stories through the characters you meet in the city. One of the strengths of this mobile game is the visual aspect and cyberpunk art style that makes you immerse yourself in a world never seen before. Only the images you see while you advance could tell you a story in itself, so we recommend you pay attention to all the details while you play.

stealth modeThe fact that you are a cat allows you to better see things in perspective and consequently there will be horror scenes and moments where you will have to run for your life either from robotic rats or from other cats that you don't like. You will also have to learn to move with sigPlay like a cat as there are several levels that are designed to progress or escape without being seen as A Plague Tale Innocence.

How to Download Stray APK for Android

Without a doubt, this game has something special that has captivated millions of people around the world and there is no doubt that it will be nominated for Game of the Year Awards this year for its technical, narrative and visual innovation. If you want to start living your story by putting yourself in the shoes of a stray cat, you can download the APK of the Stray game on your Android device and install it on your mobile where you only have to open the app to start playing.