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However before Hearthstone there was already the physical Magic card game that many young people especially Millennials will have played when they were little.
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Mobile card games began to be a trend since Blizzard Entertainment launched the Hearthstone game and today we can find similar and more recent games like Magic Arena. However, before Hearthstone, there was already the physical Magic card game that many young people, especially Millennials, will have played when they were little.

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Now we can enjoy the legendary Magic cards in digital format through this fun card and strategy game that we can play by downloading and installing the APK on our mobile. Below, we will tell you everything about this exciting game including its strengths and advantages so you can decide if you want to try it out and experience it for yourself.

What is Magic Arena APK?

Magic is a card game that has been around for over two decades and has been popular ever since. What started as a strategy card game for young people and lovers of the fantasy and role-playing genre has become something big with its own virtual card game. This mobile card game is ideal for both veterans of the Magic world, who have played and learned how to play with their friends through physical cards. Even so, it is also recommended for new players who have never played a card game and are not familiar with this title. It should be mentioned that the Magic card game has an initial difficulty barrier, although this game has tutorials and it will be much easier for you to play it in the virtual mode than in the physical one.

Is Magic Arena Free?

Yes, the Magic Arena APK is completely free, although you can find its own virtual store with micro transactions to buy improvements and items to progress faster in the game. However, keep in mind that everything you can buy in the virtual store can also be obtained in-game by playing, which makes it a comfortable and friendly free to play for new players who do not want to spend money.

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Keep in mind that in the traditional game you had to spend a lot of money to collect all the physical cards, which used to be sold in packs where you could get both common and rare and legendary cards. Therefore, this Free to Play model is much cheaper and if you really like the Magic Arena experiences we recommend buying in-game card packs so you can build your deck faster. You may also come across a Magic APK where you have all the cards unlocked and infinite points, but it won't be the official one.


How to Play Magic Arena on Android?

  • To start playing this card game, it's as easy as downloading the Magic Arena APK and installing it on your multimedia device. Once this is done you will be able to access the official game where you will have to register to create your own account.
  • This game is very generous at the beginning since by doing the tutorial you will be able to unlock a large number of cards so that you can have a deck already created from the beginning.
  • The game offers boost packs to win random cards where, depending on how lucky you are, you can get rare and very powerful cards that
  • will give you a clear advantage over your opponent.

If you don't want to spend money, you can also access these packages and unlock cards as you play and earn the points they ask for. Keep in mind that the world of Magic cards is huge and like other card games like Card Hunter there are hundreds of cards that you can unlock if you stay consistent in the game or if you are lucky and unlock the best ones at the beginning. The main game mode is Arena, which are online PVP matches against other players as was traditionally done face to face. In addition to playing against other players, Magic has its own AI which is very well developed and has various levels of difficulty.

Board and Cards  When you are playing you will see a board with a nice design that simulates a battle and you will have a series of cards that you have previously chosen to play. Like most card games Magic Arena is based primarily on strategy; There are cards that cancel effects to those of the enemy, that cause more damage or that have special effects according to their rarities.

As we said at the beginning, it may seem like a complex game, since it is a card game that has been around for more than twenty years and for obvious reasons it has evolved and has new cards each time. For this reason, we recommend that you play against the AI at first and slowly learn what the best strategies are depending on the deck you have.

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Fighting against the AI will also earn you points that you can then spend on buying yourself new random card packs and expanding your deck of cards. In short, if you have already played the games from Magic previously you are already familiar with most of the cards since many are the same as those that were played on the street in physical. In the event that you are new, it is best to take it easy and get to know the game, watching strategy videos and creating your own deck.

Download and Install Magic Arena APK in 2023

This virtual card game meets the expectations of the old physical card game and is something new for anyone familiar with the Magic saga. If you want to try it, don't hesitate to download and install the APK of Magic Arena for Android and start having fun in this complete online card strategy game.