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Like Instagram Stories or WhatsApp states FikFap also wants to promote this idea where we can share unique moments of our lives only accessible to those who are our friends and we want them to see it as well as us.
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TikTok continues to be one of the most popular social networks around the world and they have recently added the TikTok Now feature where they add more new and fun features to socialize and have fun with friends. Like Instagram Stories or WhatsApp states, FikFap also wants to promote this idea where we can share unique moments of our lives only accessible to those who are our friends and we want them to see it, as well as us.

Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about this new function to assess whether you are interested in having it in your account, although I am sure that many of your friends already have it. Remember that if you like it, you can download the latest version of the TikTok Now APK and install it on your Android mobile to enjoy everything it has to offer.

What is TikTok Now APK?

TikTok Now APK is a new extension of the popular TikTok social network for short videos and photos where, through the Now function, we can upload a photo or video a day at the same time as our friends and only when we receive a notification on our mobile. This means that the moment we receive a notification from Now we will have only 3 minutes to upload our photo or a maximum 10-second video.

what is tiktok now

The explanation of why they have added this new function is very simple. Due to the launch of a new app called BeReal, which has caused a sensation all over the world due to its innovative concept, TikTok has decided to take the best of this app and implement it in this Now version. The BeReal application consists of exactly the same as this app, only that TikTok has two very important advantages; The first is that it is already a successful social network and the second is that you will be able to have your TikTok account and the Now account at the same time in a compatible way, as opposed to having to register with two different accounts.

It is a very clever move on the part of this company and it has worked for them so far as people are delighted with this new feature that allows them to show their most real part of themselves. For example, if you receive a notification just when you are taking a walk, you will have to take a photo or video showing where you are. Just like if you're just watching TV or doing any other activity. Many people like this concept that separates from the perfection that, for example, exists on Instagram.

Is TikTok Now APK Free?

Yes, TikTok Now is a free and freely accessible app, just like the social network itself. You will have to give compatibility access for notifications, as well as access to your photo and video camera. The easiest way to have the Now extension on your mobile is to download its APK and install it on your mobile, since after a few minutes you will be able to enjoy this app.

How does TikTok Now for Android work?

The operation of this application is very simple and works in a similar way to BeReal. Basically you will receive a notification to your mobile randomly throughout the day. This can be in the morning or at night. When you receive the notification, it will put a message telling you how many minutes you have left to upload your photo or video.

It is important to say that if you do not upload a photo at the same time as your friend, you will still be able to see its content. This is great as it encourages everyone to upload it at the same time to feel closer to each other and the real you.

TikTok Now apk for Android

If you really want to enjoy this function as it is intended to be used, you should always upload a 10-second photo or video no matter where you are, whether you are not wearing makeup or are not at your best. The concept behind this app is to show that we are not as perfect as social networks like Facebook or Instagram have made us see for years. TikTok Now offers us a healthier way of socializing and publishing content where we may not be in the most exciting place in the world or with our best face, but we are ourselves at our most real possible point.

TikTok Now features in 2023

Next, we will give you a quick summary of everything you can expect if you decide to install this app on your mobile and the strong points that may make you want to download this APK.

Only 1 Photo or Video per day

Whether you spend several hours a day on social media or someone who doesn't usually stay online a lot, TikTok Now doesn't take a lot of time and is a fun way to see social media in a whole new way. Therefore, this version is ideal for all audiences and if you like the concept behind it, you should support this app so that they continue on this path.

fun moments between friends

Throughout the day we do many activities, some more exciting than others and this can lead to funny moments where a friend is taking a photo waiting in line, cooking, or doing any other activity that is not Normally people would not upload to their social networks. At the end of the day you can feel good knowing that you are showing your friends and followers your real face and you don't have to pretend to live a fake life where everything is great dinners, trips and perfect photos.

Download TikTok Now Latest Version

If you like this new extension that this Social Network has launched, then without a doubt we would recommend you to try it yourself together with your friends. You can download the APK of TikTok Now and install it on your Android mobile, being able to use the same account for both.