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Get the fun game of Toca Life World Apk for your mobile and spend hours of fun in your world of Toca Life World for free.
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Get the fun game of Toca Life World Apk for your mobile and spend hours of fun in your world of Toca Life World for free.

If you like adventure and construction games, in which you can tell your stories, create your worlds, and have characters interact, Toca Life World will be your favorite game. Toca Boca is a studio that has dedicated itself to creating world simulation games, in which they seek for the player to have the freedom to create stories to their liking, to be able to improve and use an endless number of characters so that they can do whatever they want.

Tap Life World mobile app

Toca Life World is an application that brings together the different worlds of the Toca Boca studio in a single application that Modilimitado brings you. Downloading the apk will be very easy and we will tell you everything you need to know to start in this world of Toca Life.
This game's main objective is to simulate real situations for children and adults in which they can create extravagant and crazy things from the different worlds and possibilities that exist. The game is recommended for ages 6+ but rated for ages 3+. All the characters are animated and are oriented so that children of that age can play them.

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If you lend your child your cell phone, and you don't have the free version of Toca Life World, be careful since this application has direct purchases from the app, we don't want your account to be empty. The good thing about the game Human Fall Flat

Requirements to play Toca Life World apk

Despite being a game with so many characters, places, colors, and things you can do; TocaLife World does not require a lot of memory, a minimum of 60 Mb is necessary to install the application. Keep in mind that the downloads you make and the stories you save will require space.

And an Android version higher than 5.0. This is not the latest version of Android that exists, nor is it a requirement for high-end cell phones, so don't worry if your cell phone is not the latest generation, you can use it to play Toca Life World.The Toca Life World universe for AndroidThe application will ask you for permissions as usual, memory, location and others. For a better experience playing Toca Life World, we recommend that you accept all of them.


touch life world play free

You could find the Toca Boca games separately and play them one by one, limiting the endless fun that Toca Life World has by mixing its entire world into one game floor for your Android.

There are versions of Toca Life you will have to pay to be able to play. In this tutorial you will find Toca LifeWorld for free so you can get all of them without spending a single credit from your Google wallet. There are 31 applications that are available in the Play store, but only 5 of them are free, one of them is Toca Life World, however, you will have to make purchases within the application store.

The free applications of Toca Boca are:

  • Touch Life World
  • Touch Kitchen 2
  • Touch Hair Salon 4
  • Touch Kitchen
  • Tap Hair Salon 2 – Free
  • All of them offer you in-app purchases. With TocaLifeWorld for free on ModLimited, you will have access to free games, worlds, stories and outfits for your characters

How to play Toca Life World

You will start in the Sarao City, it is a city that has 8 different places -in the free version- to know, such as aesthetics, squares, restaurants and your home; and more than 50 extra zones that you can acquire by downloading the TocaLifeWorld apk. You will also find more than 300 characters with whom you can interact. You will be able to choose between different world templates so that you can start creating different areas to play with the different characters that appear in the game. You decide what story to tell.

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In Toca World Life everything is part of the game, just hold down the object and drag it around the map. Choose the characters and help them carry out their activities, or simply press the ketchup bottle and throw it through your characters' hair.

TouchLife World | Characters and Places

Unlock new characters and gifts every week. There are more than 100 places that you can find in TocaLifeWorld, such as hairdressers, restaurants, bars or hospitals. Each place has its set of people and pets, if you choose the circus you may also want the tamer and lion to appear. You will have a choice of more than 500 characters and 500 pets.- -Remember that Modilimited's free Toca World Life has a character and house design mode, so you can be the architect of your world and decide the size of your house or business. Or if you want, you can create an avatar as similar to you as you want, you will be your own character in Toca World Life.

Download TocaLife World Apk Pro

Downloading it is very easy, click on the download button from your cell phone. If you have not previously given permission to your cell phone Before installing applications from unknown sources, you will have to give it to them to complete the installation, choose the default application of your Android phone to install and you are ready to start playing Toca Life World.

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Toca Boca games are designed to encourage children to be curious, creative and free to be who they want to be. In addition to showing them objects of all kinds so that they know them or understand what these objects work for. Remember that in Modilimited you will find more games, applications and tutorials like TocaLifeWorld for Android and many others. Keep visiting our page and discover all the applications we have to improve your cell phone.