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After the rise of official streaming platforms such as Netflix HBO Amazon Prime Video XUMO or Disney and the inclusion of monthly subscriptions with fairly high fees.
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The best streaming service with ViX Premium in Spanish

Vix Cine y TV en Español APK can be run from any mobile device, computer, web browser or Smart TV, and it does not require any prior payment or purchase, so there is no excuse to start enjoying hundreds of titles in just one place. After the rise of official streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, XUMO or Disney +, and the inclusion of monthly subscriptions with fairly high fees, more and more users have chosen to use completely free alternative services.

However, although these independently created applications offer many advantages over the original options, many times they can bring some quite significant security or quality problems.

vix tv free  Thanks to this, companies like Televisa have perfectly understood the needs of people and have launched Vix TV, a streaming service full of exclusive Spanish channels, series and movies completely free of charge.

Features and benefits of ViX Premium Spanish

With so many streaming services out there today, the Vix TV app has always strived to stand out, providing a complete and affordable service for all users, rolling out new releases and unique features over the months.

Movies and series in Spanish

Users who enter Vix TV for free will be able to find one of the largest audiovisual sections in the entire market, since the application's video library perfectly unites the most relevant soap operas, series, movies, cartoons and events in Spanish on television. latin american.

From soap operas like Teresa, Marimar or Sortilegio, through iconic comedies like La familia peluche, to reality shows and internationally recognized digestible programs. With the Vix app, fans of traditional TV will find the genres to suit all their needs.


vix tv  It is worth noting that some titles and channels of Vix Cine y TV in Spanish may vary according to the region and country in which the users are located. For example, on Vix for Smart TV, you could find dozens of soap operas from Televisa and other Mexican channels.

Hundreds of news and channels

Vix TV APK is the closest thing that can be found to a conventional television service, since it not only has exclusive multimedia content, it also offers more than 100 live channels with programming and shows focused on different audiences.

In this way, you will always be able to find very diverse and useful programming in all these broadcasts, as well as some specific services that broadcast national and international newscasts from countries like Mexico, Argentina or Peru 24 hours a day.

The best of football live

For all soccer fans, Vix streaming will be the best option, since it currently offers the best live channels to enjoy the transmission of events, leagues, and championships, maintaining unmatched video quality and stability. Although some international events are not available, Vix Cine y TV in Spanish is constantly updated with the best Argentine, Mexican, Brazilian, Peruvian and, of course, European soccer matches.

Children's Catalog  Despite containing a large amount of multimedia content focused on a mature audience, the Vix app also has a specific section that will provide the little ones with popular titles such as Baby shark, Fishtronaut, The Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake or Kid vs. Cat.

vix download  This entire category is easily findable and filterable from the main menu and offers additional parental controls so parents can automatically block explicit content on Vix TV.

professional interface  All the menus, icons, and sections of Vix APK maintain a professional aesthetic based on modern colors and designs, which perfectly adapt to current screen formats and sizes.

Simultaneously, the Vix TV APK content catalog is also perfectly suited for less experienced users to easily find their favorite titles and episodes quickly. You simply have to search for your favorite series or movie by the title or the name of an actor in the search bar to start enjoying.

unmatched accessibility  Like big platforms like Netflix or HBO, Vix TV can be installed and run on any current smart screen on phones, tablets, Smart TVs, some TV boxes, major game consoles, and all Windows computers.

In the same way, being completely free, ViX Premium APK is affordable for millions of people worldwide, who are enjoying all the content of the application on their favorite devices without having to worry about subscriptions or monthly payments.

Updates and development  The development of Vix TV has been supported and managed by Televisa, one of the largest communication companies in Mexico. Thanks to this, this service gets updates on a regular basis, which add new content every month and improve the browsing experience for users. In addition, by being part of the Televisa network, Vix maintains exclusive titles and soap operas that no other channel or streaming service has.

Download the ViX Premium app in Spanish for free for all devices

Vix TV is in the main stores of Google Play and App Store completely free. However, there are currently some additional download methods that will allow users to download the app in an alternative and safe way.

vix app  This process is based on obtaining the Vix TV APK installation file and executing it directly on a mobile terminal. To obtain this file, it will be necessary to go to a page or online platform that offers applications in the APK format, which are very easy to find through a search engine such as Google or Bing. Finally, once users get Vix TV APK, all they need to do is activate the "unknown sources" option in the phone's settings and run the app to start enjoying a streaming service in Spanish with millions of hours of content for the whole family. .