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For those who want more options and more customization possibilities many improvements have been developed.
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Discovered WhatsApp Aero APK Android – RIGHT NOW

WhatsApp Aero Apk is the most popular instant messaging application with a large number of active users worldwide. This is because it has a very simple interface, it does not have many options, but it has what most users need.

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For those who want more options and more customization possibilities, many improvements have been developed. Among the most popular PROs are WhatsApp Aero and WhatsApp DELTA, it is one of the most popular among users.

Why should you use WhatsApp Aero APK?

The updated WhatsApp Aero version allows you to customize a large part of the visual aspects of WhatsApp. It incorporates a wide variety of visual themes that you can use for free.

Below are the reasons why you should use WhatsApp Aero APK on your mobile device:

Main screen  The first thing that this PRO offers is the possibility of improving the main screen in every way, this will make it no longer look like the original version of WhatsApp. The user can make the improvements according to his preferences and can customize the visual themes, shapes and colors.

whatsapp air download  WhatsApp Aero has more than 3,000 available themes that allow you to change the interface design whenever you want by installing one of the available themes. In addition, it allows the creation of transition effects when you slide the home screen to the left or right.

Registration of users who visit the profile

By updating WhatsApp Aero you will be able to obtain a record of all users who visit your profile. In the official version of the WhatsApp application this information is private, but with WhatsApp Aero free you can discover who is interested in your profile.

customization options  These options also include the font, allowing for customization individually per chat or in general. This makes the experience of using WhatsApp more fun and it will be even more fun if you use a different one for each friend.

Variety of files  With WhatsApp Aero latest version you have a greater variety of files to send, which is very limited in the official version of the application. The use of this application allows you to share any type of file and your contacts can receive them without any problem. The app not only allows you to share any type of files but also increases the size of these files. For video files it increases to 700 MB and for image and photo files to 50 MB.


Disable the seen option

When updating WhatsApp Aero with the latest version, you have the opportunity to disable the option to see it in a personalized way. In addition, when the message is answered you will have the option to activate the double blue.

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The other thing that you can improve is your "Online" status, you can delete it in full view of other users. Just like you can hide the last connection time, writing messages, recording audio, among other similar things.

View files by entering WhatsApp only

This option is also available in WhatsApp Aero latest version and allows the files to be displayed in the phone's internal folders. This means that you have to necessarily access the application to see any type of file, images, gifs or videos.

Create new emojis and change the font of the letter

Updated WhatsApp Aero allows you to create new emojis and use new ones that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp. But you can also use the default emojis that the application has. Changing the font of the letter is another of the options offered by this application, which allows the use of a different letter in each of the chats.

See all messages  With the WhatsApp Aero APK application you can see all the messages in your conversations, since it does not allow them to be deleted from your device. Therefore you can read all your messages whenever you prefer.
When you enter, it asks you for the phone number and then you must enter the code that will arrive via SMS. At the end of the verification you will be able to start enjoying everything that the application offers, you will be able to see the additional functions and the different customization options. Downloading the updated WhatsApp Aero is fast, simple, it is in APK format and it is safe when you do it from the official TechUpNew web portal.

What are the risks of using WhatsApp Aero latest version?

The instant messaging application WhatsApp has long warned that the use of any type of PRO is unauthorized. Also, it has been reported that if they discover the use of these PROs, they can suspend the service to the user who has installed it.

The first sanction they impose will be for 72, the time necessary for the user to delete the PRO and return to the official application. In the event that the user incurs the fault again, the sanction would already be permanent, causing the loss of service in the mobile number to which the account was associated.

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The developers of WhatsApp Aero guarantee that this application has an anti-ban system. Therefore, it prevents official WhatsApp from not being able to detect the use of WhatsApp Aero. This information will help you decide whether or not to install WhatsApp Aero, you already know what risks you are exposing yourself to. But with the use of this PRO you also expose yourself to other risks such as:

Possibility of infecting the mobile device and they can steal your data in case of DOWNLOADING WHATSAPP AERO from a secondary site to Pro. Always remember to verify that you are downloading WhatsApp Aero from the Official Pro Website

These options and many more are available in the latest version of WhatsApp Aero which you can use if you download the application. The results you will get will be totally different from the ones you get with the official version of WhatsApp.

How to download WhatsApp Aero?

You should keep in mind that the WhatsApp Aero application is not in the App Store or Play Store.

For this reason, you have to download it in its APK format from TechUpNew or from the web and the installation is done like any other application.

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The procedure to download WhatsApp Aero consists of several steps, all very simple and those that will allow you to enjoy all its advantages and features. These steps are as follows: The first thing you should do is enter the TechUpNew web portal where you can download WhatsApp Aero APK. At the end The download enters the file manager and looks for the application, enters it and follows the instructions for installation.