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You cant talk but luckily youve just been bought by three bubbly witches. With the help of a fairy your hidden powers are unleashed.
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2023-06-16 07:04:17
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Witch Club is a new romantic role-playing strategy game on Steam in which you will play as a cursed skull and develop a romantic relationship with three eccentric witches and a mischievous fairy! Help the girls grow up, face the past and fight to make their dreams come true!

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The plot of the game Witch Club

You are a cursed skull. You can't talk, but luckily, you've just been bought by three bubbly witches. With the help of a fairy, your hidden powers are unleashed. Now, it's up to you to help the witches (and fairies) recover their powers and fulfill their ambitions in an idyllic world ravaged by war. Learn about the past, celebrate the girls' progress and share their misfortunes by chatting and fighting alongside them.

Main features of the game Witch Club

Defeat enemies through turn-based card battles

In the game Witch Club Steam, you will battle four different types of cards, combining the Witch Cards together to create a deadly combination of power! You can also use your spells to unleash a host of special abilities. But don't forget to monitor the weather!

Who will you be with tonight?

Every night, you will have to choose a girl to chat with in order to develop a relationship. An intimate moonlit date will deepen your bond and help her recover her abilities. From there, you'll also gain a new special ability during combat!

Many touching endings

What will happen to girls with different ambitions and ideals? Will they stick together, pursue their own dreams, or maybe even become best friends? It all depends on the choices you make in the card strategy game Witch Club.

Characters in the game Witch Club

Euphie  This intelligent but extremely lazy witch was once a scholar at Ivory Tower. When not busy rebuilding her alma mater, one can find her scouring the local thrift stores for bargains.


Mel used to belong to one of the most belligerent organizations in the kingdom. Despite her diligence, street intelligence, and belligerence, she is still prone to fainting at the sight of blood.


Coming from the forests of the border, Vedia has a really kind and gentle soul. She may be a little slow to learn, but she still loves hanging out with her friends.


This mischievous fairy lives for two things: watching drama and eating delicious food - but both of which she can't do while sealed in a magic jar.