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This girl will have animal ears and tail and you will be able to interact with her in multiple ways that will have consequences for her being able to have several endings of the game.
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In this case you will have to talk with a girl who will live in your house. This girl will have animal ears and tail and you will be able to interact with her in multiple ways that will have consequences for her, being able to have several endings of the game. Like other games like Lovecraft Locker where the dialogues are of special relevance, in this game you will have to pay attention to what are the best phrases to say to this girl and make her fall in love with her so that she stays with you at home. There are several ways to treat her, but since she has animal traits, you can also treat her like a home pet.

What is Wolf Girl With You APK?

This game is a Japanese conversation and dialogue game. Like other games of the same genre like Tomboy Adventure, it can be said that this is a classic anime-style Japanese dating game where we can spend several fun hours getting to know this girl with fox or dog ears and a tail.

Wolf Girl With You android free

The official game is available in Japanese with English subtitles, although it is possible that you will find an APK of Wolf Girl With You that you can download and install for mobile in Latin or Spanish Spanish. From the beginning you will already know this girl who is characterized by being charming, kind and will follow you wherever you go as if she were your own personal pet. Throughout the game you will be able to change her appearance and her clothes, this will change the way she behaves towards you. In addition to cooking, she will accompany you everywhere.

How to Play Wolf Girl With You for Android?

From the beginning of the game you will meet the girl named Liru, who will accompany you throughout the game and it is important how you treat her and give the correct answers according to each situation that arises since that will determine the feelings that she has with you as well as the ending.

Playing this Japanese dating mobile game is extremely easy. With an anime artistic style, the game will present you with dialogues where you must be very attentive to know what is the best answer to give at each moment. Depending on your answers, this will unlock hidden dialogues where you can get to know Liru better.

Unlike many similar Japanese role-playing games, in this one not everything will be static images with dialogues, but there are interactive and animated scenes that surpass most of its genre, as well as a multitude of variety of scenarios. What this achieves is that you want to play again to discover all the possible endings of Wolf Girl With You.

Main Features of Wolf Girl With You 2023

This romantic game for Android has many positive details to mention that you are interested in knowing before you start playing it yourself. Here's a rundown of everything you can expect when playing this dating role-playing game.

Role Original Story

The main character, Liru, is a very deep character where you can learn a lot about her as you speak and unlock special dialogues. Keep in mind that it's a dialogue game with options so usually people play it multiple times to unlock all the endings and get to know all the sides of this wolf-spirited girl. On the first day you meet Liru who becomes a loyal companion who waits for you to come home every day. You will be able to do various things with her, such as taking a hot bath, eating or playing typical pet games. The developers of Wolf Girl With You have worked hard to endow this character with great personality and energy, as well as professional voice acting.

Wolf Girl With You apk download

Because Liru is a wolf, you will assume the role of her owner as if she were a pet, so you will have to take care of her, give her pampering and affection so that she does not separate from you and reward you for your love. For this you will have to pay attention to the conversations throughout the entire game.

different endings

Depending on how you treat this girl and your actions this will lead you to one of the multiple endings you can find in this game. In the official version there are many suggestive scenes that are censored, although it is possible that you will find an APK version where there are no censored scenes.

Every day always starts with your character coming home from work and you find her waiting at the entrance when you return. From here you can decide howa you want to spend the day with her, which makes it a dating and romantic game where you can be Liru's partner and do things together.

Japanese Artistic Style

Like many Asian dating games, Wolf Girl With You has a very recognizable artistic style at first glance that is capable of pleasing most since you will feel like  mo if you were watching an anime series. Although most of the scenes and dialogues are in 2D, you will find other scenes and cinematics that will offer you an intelligent 3D version where you will notice a considerable improvement in the graphics. Dubbed voices and sounds also accompany the art style of this game, ensuring you an immersive visual and sound experience.

Download and Install Wolf Girl in You

If you want to start having fun and having fun with this wolf, you can download and install the Wolf Girl in You APK and immerse yourself in this exciting Japanese dating game for mobiles to discover all the endings.