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Your Boyfriend Game APK is about a boy who becomes obsessed and chases after a girl in this case, the player will be in the place of the girl.
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Meet Your Boyfriend Game

Your Boyfriend is a game in Spanish, available for Android devices, which can be categorized as a visual novel game. Your Boyfriend Game APK is about a boy who becomes obsessed and chases after a girl, in this case, the player will be in the place of the girl. Games could also be categorized as a horror game, since as the plot progresses, the boy who chases you becomes more intense and terrifying, creating different situations from which you will have to get rid of, although this will be more difficult as as you progress through the story.

your boyfriend game spanish

Clearly Your Boyfriend is a controversial game, as it tries to reflect the harassment that women suffer daily and in real life. As the story progresses, you must make decisions that will make the villain of this game more and more obsessed with your character. Its graphics are simple and it is very simple to play, since it does not have large instructions. Its differential point lies in the disturbing and stressful story that the players will face in the Games APK.

Features of Your Boyfriend Game in Spanish

Currently there are many narrated novel-style games, where different decisions are made to change the course of the plot. However, YourBoyfriend Game in Spanish has a series of characteristics, taking into account its particular history.

Visual Novel Your Boyfriend Game

A visual novel takes players through a story, where the developers have programmed different endings, which are reached depending on the player's decisions. Hundreds of games and apps exist with this format, however, in Your Boyfriend Game, every choice may lead to disturbing and bleak endings.

conversational game

Your Boyfriend Game APK is a conversation game, where the main character, in this case the player, leads a conversation with the stalker of the story who is the boy who is obsessed with the girl. As we mentioned before, the conversation you have will affect the outcome of the story.

Horror/psychological horror theme

Your Boyfriend game is designed to disturb and inconvenience the player, due to its disturbing graphics and character design. Although its graphics are not advanced in technological terms, Games manages to horrify its players with uncomfortable situations.

Independent developer

Unlike many Android games, Your Boyfriend Game was created and developed by an independent programmer, that is, it does not have a large production company behind its success.


Make a social complaint

Your Boyfriend wants to bring attention to a topic so common nowadays as the harassment of women. The most likely thing is that you will experience a sensation that you have never had before, when playing in this app for Android. Thanks to Games, many people have paid more attention to this topic.

Great popularity among gamers

Many players and content creators have talked about YourBoyfriend Game in Spanish, especially in Twitch and YouTube videos, which has helped this application have more than a million downloads.

How to Play Your Boyfriend Game

Playing YourBoyfriend Game is easy. This application is found in the Android store, and can be downloaded for free from any Smartphone. Once installed, the player will be able to create his character and start playing.

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Games does not have complex instructions, since being a conversation game, it is easy to progress within it. That, if the player does not repent before finishing.

Important Recommendations About Your Boyfriend Game

It is important that when downloading Games, it is safely through an original APK link; this to avoid possible inconveniences within the device. In addition to this general recommendation, we also suggest keeping the following in mind:

It is a game that touches a sensitive topic

As mentioned before, before downloading YourBoyfriend Game APK, it is important to remember the topic that the game deals with, because although it seeks to create awareness, not all people are willing to face the situations that the game poses, even if it is in an environment fictional.

Susceptible people should not play it Your Boyfriend Game

Both the characters and the graphics of Your Boyfriend are somewhat disturbing and could affect a sensitive audience. It is also not recommended for minors or children, as it is an app aimed at players of legal age.

Your Boyfriend Game Has graphic and psychological horror content

Its theme and the story in general have a dark theme, both horror and psychological horror.

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It is important to take this into account before downloading YourBoyfriend Game. In Android games like Episode, the entire aura that the game displays makes people feel psychological terror as conversations and situations unfold.

How to Download Your Boyfriend Game

This game is only available for Android devices, not Apple, so it is not possible to play it on iPhone; but if in all Smartphones that operate with Android, such as Motorola, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, among others. To download Your Boyfriend Game in Spanish, keep in mind that the link must be from a secure page or from the official Android store. There you can also read opinions about users who have already played the story.