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However these applications usually have many problems when it comes to offering legal and safe services since they are developed and offered by unreliable external means.
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Thanks to the new paid features and the large number of ads that the official YouTube Go application currently includes, different alternative versions have been created that add, unlock and improve the entire browsing experience for users. However, these applications usually have many problems when it comes to offering legal and safe services, since they are developed and offered by unreliable external means. YouTube Go APK is an alternative produced by Google, which offers all the original content of the platform in a more friendly way for low-end mobile devices and implements different unique download and data saving features.

Although the YouTubeGo application comes by default on cell phones with the Android Go operating system, it can also be obtained from stores and official pages without having to install or register with the original version of YouTube.

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YouTube Go APK Features

There is no doubt that YouTube Go APK will be very useful for all types of users, because unlike other alternative versions such as YouTube Pink, YouTube Blue or SkyYoutube, this application is found in the Google Play Store application store. This allows you to have all the security standards of Android and also have constant updates and support from your developer Google.

Control the use of mobile data

YouTube has always stood out for requiring a fairly powerful and stable internet connection to be able to play all its content smoothly and with the best possible quality. Thanks to this, with the original app all users will be able to see how much data will be required each time they want to play a video within the application. In addition, there are different quality options that will be adapted to the needs of each user and their internet speed. All these aspects make it possible to alleviate the weight of the videos and give the user greater control of all the internet megabytes that will be destined to YouTube Go mp4.

Download and store videos on YouTube Go APK

One of the most important and useful features that will be obtained by installing YouTube Go APK is the ability to download and store all kinds of content quickly and completely free of charge.

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With YouTube Go free, there will be no problem downloading a large number of videos so that you can enjoy them offline or share them with different friends. Furthermore, all the content that is stored may have different formats and qualities that the user himself may decide before downloading. On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that a maximum number of downloaded videos can be reached within the application and, furthermore, all of these will be linked directly to the app, so they cannot be saved as an MP4 file within the device.

Easily share and transfer video

Thanks to the content sharing tool, with the free YouTubeGo app it will be extremely easy to share downloaded videos with other users without the need for an internet connection. Through bluetooth technology, people who have the same YouTube Go APK application and are relatively close to the user who sent the content, will be able to share videos without any limit.

simple interface

By downloading YouTube Go first version, users will be able to log in with their account linked to the original application, in such a way that they will be able to keep all their preferences and subscriptions no matter what platform they are on. However, once you switch to the app, you will only be able to see a small number of recommended videos in the initial menu and there will be no sections for subscriptions, trends, video history, or some community options such as comments. Although this type of interface has been adapted in YouTube Go APK seeking to maintain excellent accessibility and performance on all types of cell phones, the fact of having such simple options can annoy and disappoint some users.


Preview and community  There are some additional tools and features that the YouTube Go APK app offers for free to all its users.

download youtube go  One of these may be the ability to see the preview of some videos, giving a basic idea of what the video is about before the user decides to open it.

In addition, YouTube Go APK will have some community functions such as likes, subscriptions, the possibility of seeing the content of some creators, and even sharing the videos through the different mobile media.


YouTubeGo lite is made for all old or very low-end cell phones and tablets. Thanks to this, the application fully focuses on offering excellent performance and few requirements. This is achieved thanks to YouTube Go APK's extremely simple interface, content and tools.

Discover how to download YouTube Go APK easily

Downloading and installing YouTube Go APK is extremely easy and safe for any Android mobile device. This application can be found within the Google Play Store or through online links that offer the installation file. It is essential to understand that YouTubeGo keeps the data of the advertising within its interface and videos, while if the YouTubeGo APK version is installed through the alternative methods mentioned above, all the ads will be blocked for free. Finally, we must remember that YouTube Go APK is one of the safest and most effective options offered by the Google developer itself to all Android users. In addition to having all the original content of the platform, it is the only alternative that will offer to share and download videos without having to pay a monthly subscription or a premium plan.